Destination Graduation

By Maddie Noonan ’19, Staff writer

Destination Graduation will hold several on-going events starting in February in order to prepare college seniors for a successful transition into the real world.

Destination Graduation is a series of events that will be held for the College’s seniors in order to celebrate commencement and to help prepare students for life after graduation. Adulting 101: Senior Sendoff will be the first event, and it will take place on Thursday Feb. 1 in the Allan W. Mund College Center from 6-9 p.m.

Students who choose to attend this event will have the opportunity to get headshots taken and resumes reviewed, an important tool to have when applying for a job.

In a later session, recent alumni will return as panelists to share advice and hold a “mocktail” party, which will provide student tips on how to network at professional events. For many seniors this is just what they need.

“I can’t believe how fast college went” Tyler Cottle, a senior business administrative major, said. “I don’t feel like I’m a senior, but I am also ready to graduate. I am feeling a little bit better about life after graduation because I have a job lined up.”

Adulting 101: Senior Sendoff and The “mocktail” party will take place on Tuesday, Feb. 1. For more information students should look for Destination Graduation posters around campus.