A new face in student fundraising

By:┬áHuntre Keip ’20, Staff writer

As the spring semester is underway, fundraising efforts continue at LVC with a different leader.

Kelsey Bair-Gross, director of leadership and giving, now oversees of Lebanon Valley College’s Phonathon.

Phonathon is a fundraising program run by LVC students, known as Dutchmen Dialers. The program runs once in the fall semester and twice in the spring semester. Depending on the semester, the program lasts five to six weeks.

In October 2016, Bair-Gross began working as a major gift officer, who communicates with generous donors and alumni of The College. She enjoyed her previous position but is anxious about making new connections with current students and their lives at LVC.

By graduating from a small campus herself, Bair-Gross enjoys working with faculty members, students and alumni.

“I’m excited about meeting our student dialers and the new experiences along the way,” Bair-Gross, said.

Bair-Gross and other managers are interested in hiring new Dutchmen Dialers. For more information, email Kelsey Bair-Gross at kgross@lvc.edu.

Phonathon will begin on Jan. 29 and runs through March.