Capturing prospective students

By: Rebekah Poff ’18, Staff writer

Recruiting new students is essential for Lebanon Valley College, and Day at the Valley, like the one held last Friday, helps to accomplish this.
The event, held several times a year, allows prospective students to connect with LVC on a more personal level. Participants get to sit in on classes based on their desired major, eat lunch with their family and view the campus with the help from valley ambassadors.
“It is very personalized and they get setup with a mentor that is in their subject area, and then they get to sit in on a class that is tailored to their program,” Erin Sanno, associate director of admission, programs and services, said.
For some students, Day at the Valley helps to determine if LVC is the right fit for them. Many who attend this event have attended open houses and campus tours before, so this day really helps to solidify a decision.
“Day at the Valley helped to convince me to come to LVC because I got to sit in on a class and get that teacher-student relationship really easily,” Katie D’Agostino, a junior valley ambassador and early childhood and special education major, said.
Day at the Valley and Discovery Days allow current students to interact with potential students and talk about the aspects they love most about the College.
“My favorite part of these events are interacting with the students and making connections with them, which then allows relationships to be built,” Josh Herring, a sophomore valley ambassador and business administration major, said.
For any college to be successful it has to focus on enrollment and retention of students.
“I think to make any institution continue to thrive you need to have the students be successful,” Sanno, said. “Their success stories help to lead to new class years and bringing in new students.”
Day at the Valley is one of the most hands-on and personal experiences a high schooler in search of his or her dream college can participate in. The next Discovery Day for prospective students will be held Saturday, Nov. 11.