Saying goodbye to Chaps

By: Laura Brent ’18, Staff Writer

After working for Lebanon Valley College for 12 years, Rev. Dr. Paul Fullmer, chaplain and director of service and volunteerism, has decided to resign his positions to provide support to his parents in his hometown of San Francisco.

“I will miss his positive energy that he shows to everyone,” Natalia Smith, administrative assistant for spiritual life, service and volunteerism, said.  “When it’s bad news, he finds a way to make it positive somehow.  Working with someone with such a great sense of humor brightens your day.”

Fullmer hopes to continue to be involved in faith by taking on the role as a Chaplain for hospice care or a senior community in California.

“I believe there are like guideposts in our experiences,” Fullmer said.  “Things begin to shift and you begin to find yourself in a different relationship or place over and over again.  I found in the last three years or so that I have had this wonderful relationship with senior citizens.  I feel like this is where the universe is calling me.”

Fullmer says that he will miss the service trips the most.

“Those are really great experiences and you always develop great relationships with those students,” Fullmer said.

Fullmer has been very active at the College and local community during his time at LVC.

When Fullmer was first hired in 2005, spiritual life was solely based on the Christian faith; but, Fullmer was dedicated to diversifying the campus by informing students about other faith traditions.

“We want students to be able to demonstrate their openness to diversity through multicultural affairs and faith,” Fullmer said.

During his third year at the College, Fullmer took on the role of being head of community service and Lebanon Valley Education Partnership (LVEP).

Fullmer was able to enhance the community service experience at LVC by providing additional opportunities to get involved in as well as organizing the spring break service trips.

“It seemed like such a natural way to prepare students for the working world,” Fullmer said.  “With community service, we can demonstrate to prospective employers that students get out there and serve the community.”

Fullmer has also been active in teaching classes in scripture, religion and Greek within the classroom.

As Fullmer’s 12th and final year comes to a close, he looks back on all of the memories he has shared and encourages both faculty and students to continue to reach out to the local community of Annville.

“What has been so fun are the projects that have come from students caring,” Fullmer said.  “Every idea is great and it’s so wonderful and meaningful.”

Fullmer says that he will definitely return to LVC to visit and remain in contact with his close friends in the area.

Fullmer will finish out his position at LVC in June.