Fabulous fashion at the Valley


A new clothing line is going to be released by Lebanon Valley College’s very own Marquis Davis `18 and Cameron “CJ” Boxley `19, who plans to give LVC students an early opportunity to equip their accessories.
The name of the clothing line is known as “Long Money Long Ways” (LMLW) which was created in January 2016 by Marquis Davis who is a native from South Toms River, New Jersey. As Davis is pursuing his dream in music, he wants people to know that the brand is not just a representation of his music, but a lifestyle for everyone to live.

“LMLW represents a family which consists of people who seek to be leaders who never settle for average,” Marquis Davis, the Economic Business Major said.

When Davis began having ideas with developing the clothing line, he knew he couldn’t do it alone and that he needed another person that could benefit most by running the clothing line. It was then he noticed the potential that Boxley could do for the success of the clothing line.

“His love for fashion and the way he even dresses is different from others and his tireless work ethic caught my attention,” Davis said.

Boxley who is from York, Pennsylvania was named the CEO of the clothing line in January this year. He was noticed for his love of fashion which was something he has had since he was in the 11th grade. As he grows and draws his inspirations from Kanye West and ASAP Rocky who are popular in today’s society for their music and fashion, he knows that the sky is the limit for LMLW clothing. But there was still another piece missing to the puzzle.

Although Boxley was named CEO of the clothing line, he knew that it would be a huge responsibility to handle by himself, which inspired him to involve his best friend and also York native Von Bowie as the CO-CEO of the clothing line. Bowie is currently a student at Gettysburg College.

“The only person I could think of was Von, we have been best friends since we were about five years old,” Cameron Boxley, the junior early childhood education major said. “And if I were to ever get an opportunity that I feel will help me grow wealthy and mentally, he would be right by my side.”

As the clothing line develops over time, Boxley and Bowie plan to sell to students at Lebanon Valley and Gettysburg.

“If people see others in our clothing around campus, I’m sure others would want to join the wave,” Boxley said.

As of now LMLW has orders of t-shirts, hoodies, crewnecks, long-sleeves, and various hats which is just to test the waters and see how they’re going to sell. With that being said, when sales get rolling there will be a lot more accessories on the market.

It is clear that the future is bright for LMLW. If you want to see current clothing that is being sold, you can visit their website at http://lmlwclothing.bigcartel.com/.