Update: Stuck in Canada

By: Rachel Anderson ’17, Staff Writer

This is an update to a story La Vie reported on in February.

The search is on for a new women’s ice hockey coach.

Isabel Menard’s visa application had been denied, which means she will not be returning as the LVC women’s ice hockey coach. Menard contacted the team through email to break the news.

“This has been difficult not only on myself being away from all of you but more so on all of you who have had to be without a Coach,” Menard said. “You all deserve nothing but the best as I had the extreme pleasure to get to know all of you. You were all incredible to myself, your teammates and the program. I will never forget each of you and you will forever be in my heart.”

Since the visa application was not approved, Menard does not have work authorization in the United States, and the College cannot pay or compensate her for the services she provided.

Menard worked with the hockey team throughout October and November of last year.

“The whole team is upset she will not be coming back because just in the six weeks she coached us on the ice, all of us made great improvements,” Nikki Lloyd ‘18, team captain, said. “We’re definitely going to miss her because she made us all better.”

The College has begun its search for a new coach.