Students protest

By: Brianna Metsger ’19, Staff Writer

Students and community members braved the rain to support Ricky Bugg, Sr. and the Dare 2 Care to Heal Racism Foundation in their goal to bring peace and love to Annville instead of hatred.

This movement was in response to a recent racial incident at a local Annville restaurant involving Ricky Bugg, Jr., a junior business administration major.

Bugg, Sr. spoke on the steps of the Frederic K. Miller Chapel to a small crowd about the movement and its importance, stressing that the protest would be absolutely peaceful.

“There is so much that can be accomplished through love and hope,” Bugg said. “Those who want to take another route, God bless them, but that’s not what I want to do; that’s not what our movement is about.”

Bugg also mentioned how racism is not something that we should have to deal with in 2017, but the racial incident and derogatory comments made towards the peaceful protest give reason to believe racism is still an issue in the U.S.

As the march came to a stop on the corner of U.S. Route 422 and PA Route 934, marchers held signs encouraging love over hate, and Ricky Bugg, Sr. spoke about his experiences with racism in his lifetime.

“This isn’t something that just happened overnight; it’s a process,” Bugg said.” “I say to everyone, start where you are. It’s okay if you deal with some racist feelings. Honesty is so important. I admire the person who can say, ‘yes, I struggle with hate. Can we talk about it?’”

Though some drivers rolled down their windows to shout disparaging comments, the movement still stood with peace, respect and love.

“When we have someone in our lives that struggles with [hate], all we can do is be the change we want to see,” Bugg said. “We can only change ourselves. In the end, it’s all about us working together, coming together, not being afraid of one another and supporting [love].”