Diabetes awareness

By: Cassi Barrett, Staff writer


National Diabetes Month is observed every November, and this year three LVC students joined together to bring diabetes awareness to campus.

Jolie Winemiller, a sophomore applied history major, Serena Foulk, a junior biology major and Simon Netznik, a sophomore music business major, led the conversations on campus. Each had been diagnosed with type I diabetes and strongly felt they wanted to bring awareness to the disease.

Winemiller, Foulk and Netzik helped educate the campus by setting up a table in the lobby of Allan W. Mund College Center. The table displayed information about diabetes as well as the differences between type I diabetes and type II diabetes. Moreover, these students wanted others on campus to understand how diabetes affects their daily lives.

“Every day is a rollercoaster with diabetes,” Winemiller said. “Even if your blood sugar is off by a couple numbers, it really affects your emotions and your physical ability in life. There are so many things you can’t do.”

Foulk also describes how difficult life with diabetes can be.

“I’ve been diabetic for 19 years now and every day is hard,” Foulk said. “You don’t know if you’re going to wake up and have a good day or a bad day. We have to fight for a cure for this. We have to take it step by step and work our way through and be strong every day.”

Winemiller, Foulk and Netznik also took donations for diabetes research at their table. Netznik believes strongly there is a cure to be found.

“The cure is out there and by donating towards research for type I diabetes, you can help push that process forward,” Netznik said.

Ultimately, the group is hopeful that through their efforts, along with the efforts of others around the world, diabetes will one day cease to exist.

“Type I to type none is our motto,” Winemiller said. “We’re a long way from type none, but we’re getting there.”