Day 2: Sobriety Awareness – a student’s perspective

The World Health Organization defines sobriety as “a continued abstinence from alcohol and psychoactive drug use.”  Lebanon Valley College has designated October 3-6 as Sobriety Awareness Week.  Various events are planned to promote discussions on sobriety.  Click HERE for those events. 

Mike Fry’s FYE class is studying addiction.  Students were asked to write a story about something or someone who helped shaped one’s attitudes toward alcohol or drugs.

La Vie is posting the stories of six students, who all agreed to the publication of their submission.  These writings are unedited.  They appear as how they were submitted for the class assignment.


Day 2 Why I was interested in this class

By: an anonymous student

When I first came to LVC to pick my classes, they told me I needed to pick an FYE class but I had no idea which one I wanted to take so I looked around the book, while I was looking I thought about things that happened to me in my life and I saw the addiction course and I was amazed at what it offered.

When I first got to class, I was interested about what we talked about and what we learned and it made me think why I took addiction in the first place.  I was always interested in addiction and what it offered.  I like to see that addiction was more of a scientific thing instead of someone always putting someone down and saying that they are an addict something they can’t help but do the drug or the thing they are addicted to.  Another thing that interested me when I first came to class was that you can be addicted to so much more than drugs and alcohol.  People can be addicted to almost anything and I think that’s very cool.

The main reason why I took this class was because in April my grandmother died of lung cancer and other things.  She was addicted to cigs her whole life.  She probably smoked them for about 30 years because back in her day, it wasn’t an issue to be addicted to cigarettes.  When it became a problem when people knew cigarettes were bad for you, she didn’t know how to quit or she would say that cigarettes aren’t that bad for you and she wouldn’t quit smoking.  About 2 years before she died, she quit them for good but it was too late.  Till this day, I haven’t touched a cigarette nor would I ever try one because they are a known fact they can do harm to you in so many ways.

These are the reasons I took the FYE Addiction, because it is very interesting. I find it fascinating how to the human mind works and how the brain makes the body crave more and because my grandma was addicted.