Crime Watch: 8/12/16 – 9/13/16


Date Time Incident Title Open/Closed Description
8/12/16 9:40 Incident Services Closed Balcony door found ajar
8/13/16 19:25 Fire Alarm Open Fire alarm/elevator
8/14/16 11:23 Assist Other Agency Closed Assist Annville Police Department
8/15/16 1:37 Fire Alarm 0 Elevator shaft detector
8/15/16 10:00 Found Property Open MH student left items in room
8/15/16 11:00 Theft Open Theft of cash from two purses
8/16/16 17:05 Fire Alarm Closed Malfunction of alarm
8/23/16 21:18 Emergency/Hospital Closed Severe cramps, possible injury from earlier today
8/25/16 23:44 Incident Services Closed Student cut his finger on razor
8/26/16 7:00 Found Property Closed Found wallet; returned to student
8/27/17 10:15 Found Property 0 Found a pair of Aero Ladies sunglasses
8/28/16 00:30 Vandalism/Mischief Open Unknown person used waxy substance to draw on student’s window
8/29/16 9:08 Firm Alarm Closed Alarm triggered by aerosol spray
8/29/16 14:09 Incident Services Closed Title IX violation prior to becoming an LVC student
8/30/16 00:34 Incident Services Closed Student concerned for fellow student’s health at 29 West Sheridan Ave.
8/31/16 11:00 Found Property Closed Cell phone turned in
8/31/16 20:10 Incident Services Open Smell of marijuana
9/1/16 10:58 Fire Alarm Closed Fire alarm triggered by hair straightener
9/2/16 5:15 Fire Alarm 0 Dellinger fire alarm/elevator – spoke with maintenance on call
9/3/16 22:00 Fire Alarm Closed Vaping in room
9/4/16 1:00 Alcohol Violation Closed Smell of marijuana initially reported, then on scene observed students with open alcohol container (10 UAD violations)
9/4/16 7:25 Incident Services Closed Purse given to PS officer to return to student
9/4/16 9:35 Vandalism/Mischief Open Toilet intentionally clogged, causing water damage to three floors
9/5/16 9:00 Incident Services Closed Student informs that friend may have been victim of Title IX incident
9/5/16 20:08 Fire Alarm Closed Friendship House 104 N. College Ave.
9/7/16 13:45 Incident Services Closed Student fell after tripping on sidewalk crack
9/8/16 7:58 Theft Open Bollards stolen (one found near Dellinger bushes)
9/8/16 10:50 Incident Services Open Students argued, glasses broken accidentally
9/7/16 16:00 Sexual Assault Open Student reporting sexual assault at off-campus location
9/8/16 12:58 Fire Alarm Closed Smoke detector triggered alarm; no fire or smoke located
9/10/16 2:30 Fire Alarm Closed Oil diffuser triggered smoke detector/fire alarm
9/11/16 17:00 Injury Closed Student crashed BMX bike
9/11/16 10:11 Fire Alarm Closed Spilled food burning
9/12/16 10:20 Incident Services Closed ASC member slipped on wet floor; reported that she was uninjured
9/12/16 15:30 Sex Offense Closed Student touched another student inappropriately (Title IX); student did not want to pursue charges
9/12/16 9:59 Incident Services Closed Faculty reported concern for student off campus
9/13/16 9:20 Lost Property Closed Faculty member reports losing college keys
9/13/16 10:30 Incident Services Open Student had shaving cream smeared on his bed sheets

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