Upon visiting Mesalia, Ohio, weeks away from Christmas, famous radio celebrity, Sheridan Whiteside elongates his stay by slipping on a patch of ice outside the home of the Stanley’s. Whilst Mr. Whiteside is recovering, Maggie, Whiteside’s secretary, finds herself infatuated with Mesalia local newspaper reporter, Bert Jefferson. Whiteside’s doctor lets Whiteside know that he is healed and can return home. At the same time, Maggie reveals her feelings for Bert to Mr. Whiteside. To intervene so that Maggie doesn’t quit her job as his secretary, Whiteside calls in a favor from the famous actress, Lorraine Sheldon, to distract Bert from Maggie. Whiteside keeps his recovery news on the down low so that he can try and keep Maggie around. All the meanwhile, Mr. Stanley is infuriated with all of the gifts and long phone calls for Mr. Whiteside. When Lorraine Sheldon arrives, Bert immediately is swept away by her. Maggie is left in a state of despair. Whiteside, seeing the error of his ways, calls in another favor and, by stuffing her in an Egyptian sarcophagus, gets Lorraine Sheldon to leave. Whiteside then tells Maggie that she is free to marry Bert. Upon leaving the Stanley household, all is well, until poor Sherry slips on another patch of ice and is injured again.