Conference Schedule

8:00am Registration Blair Music Bldg. Lobby
8:30 AM Opening Remarks
Ally Hepp President VALE Music Group Lutz Hall
Dr. Michael Green           Vice President of Academic Affairs/Dean of Faculty
Ms. Jennifer Evans           Director of Student Affairs
Tori ‘Ollie’ Ward ’20                   VALE Conference President
9:00am Content Creation Workshop
Laura Davidson Shure Retail Market Specialist/performer Room 19
LVC Summer Interns Panel   -    Internship Locations Room 121
Jason Allison ‘19             Moravian College
Logan Clarke ‘19            The Jamwich Festivals
Stefanie Davis ‘19          ARU: Audio Recording Unlimited
Benjamin Gibbs ‘19       Digital Communications
Allison Hepp ‘19              New Era Technology
Dylan Smith ‘19              Springwood Productions
Music Publishing Room 122
Rosemary Bucher ‘14       Samuel French, Inc.
Kristi Jacobsen ‘07            Alfred Publishing
Sherri Mullen                     CEO RDSD Publishing
Paula Savastano                CEO SSA Music
10:00am Workings of a Record Label Room 122
Ayelet Schiffman            Senior VP Columbia Records
Nikki Abbamont ‘14       Black River Entertainment,Marketing
Brianna Steinitz ‘15        Big Machine Label Group,A&R
Opportunities in AudioVisual, A/V, Industries Room 121
Sandy Ciarlo                      New Era Technology  Client Services Acct Manager
Colleen Leskowich           New Era Technology Account Manager
Kathleen Phillips               New Era Technology Engineer / Drafter
Joelle  Quinn                    New Era Technology Engineer/Drafter
Logan Thomson ‘15         New Era Technology Technician
Gina Sansivero                  AtlasIED  VP of Marketing
The BMI Conundrum for the Department of Justice Room 23
Emily Peters ‘15        Ohio Northern University, Claude W.Pettit College of Law
Entrepreneurship in the Industry
Jessica Garcia CEO Springwood Productions
Paula Savastano CEO SSA Music
11:00am Making a Living: The Working Artist Room 122
Cristabelle Braden ‘15       Singer/Songwriter/Performer
Elizabeth deLise                Musician/Songwriter/ Performer
How to Prepare to be Hired in the Media Industries Room 23
Angela Johnson                   New Era Technology   Human Resources
Susan Larkin                       VP Allied Personnel Services
Businesss of Theatre and Orchestra Room 121
Vanessa Ivanitz ‘06               Allied Global Marketing
Valentine Monfeuga            Sound Designer
Kathleen Organtini ‘16        Harrisburg Symphony Orchestra
Video Workshop  - Making a Successful Video Tips Room 22
Jessica Garcia                        CEO Springwood Productions
12:00pm Business of TV and Radio Room 23
Katlyn Jumper ’16                  ABC27 and WJTL
Jeannine Riley ‘16                  Star 94.1 Atlanta
Amanda Fink '16 Custom Media Specialist, NFL
Audio Digital Replacement (ADR) for Video Workshop Room 228
Lisa Moyer ’02                         SAE Institute of Technology/Engineer
Media Marketing Room 122
Nikki Abbamont ‘14                Black River Entertainment Marketing
Becky Woodhouse                  CEO Level Eleven Art Department
About  the Audiovisual and Integrated Experiences Association (AVIXA) Room 19
Amanda Boyer                         Senior Director of Member Services
Joseph Valerio                       Director of Workforce Development
1:00pm LUNCH Mund College Center Lehr Dining Room,
Remarks and REVY Award
Tori ‘Ollie’ Ward ‘20 VALE Conference President
Keynote Address
Kristen Merlin
VALE Records Artist Introduction
Dylan Smith ‘19 VALE Records President
VALE Records Artist Showcase
Henry Devorick ‘20 AND band Sound by Valley Audio Club
2:00pm Audio Digital Replacement (ADR) for Video Workshop Room 228
Lisa Moyer ‘02           SAE Institute Technology/engineer/sound design
Sales and Project Management in Media Room 121
Stephanie Hoffmeier           New Era Technology
Tory Holmwood                    New Era Technology
Valerie Myers ’11                 JPL Creative
STEM and the Media Industry Room 19
Jennifer Willard                    Founder,Women in AV
Katie Doyle                            TAIT Towers,Mechanical Engineer
Music Therapy Presentation Room 23
Sarah White ‘05                    Childrens’ Hospital of Philadelphia
3:00pm E-Sports Lutz Hall
Susan Lucci                            New Era Technology      Director of Design
Ashley Newcomer Select Physical Therapy    Occupational Therapist
Tressa Thomas Select Physical Therapy    Physical Therapist
Rachel Switzer ‘19               Athlete - Lebanon Valley College
Logan Thomson ‘15              New Era Technology,Technician
Live E-Sports Scrimmage of Rocket League !
4:00PM Closing Remarks Lutz Hall
Tori ‘Ollie’ Ward ‘20                        2018 VALE Conference President
4:15 Reception hosted by the Digital Communications Depart Synodios Commons - Lynch
5:30 Afterhours music in various locations
7:45 Kristen Merlin Concert Blair Music Center .  Lutz Hall