LVC Music Archives

Archived LVC Performances

Students in VALE Records have digitized hundreds of recordings of LVC musical performances found on reel-to-reel, LPs, and cassettes, many in poor condition. The quality of the recordings found here range from good to very poor. Because of the large numbers no attempt to edit or clean up the recordings have been made.   

Uploading the 100s of recordings will be an on-going process. Dates are provided if they were found with the original recordings. 

1. All sound recordings are the property of Lebanon Valley College and may not be copied or distributed without permission. 
2. With the large number of recordings, seeking the copyright status of every composition would be extremely difficult. If a recording is under copyright, please contact us and it will be removed immediately.

[Note that the following from Marching Band 79-80 aren't posted because of copyright: On Wisconsin (fight song), Hey Jude, Just The Way You Are, Here's That Rainy Day, Sir Duke, Theme From Rocky, Cordoba, Land of Beyond, El Dorado, Theme from Vegas, Vaquero.]