The Vale Music Group is the outcome of six Lebanon Valley College students’ independent studies in 2009. The Arnold Grant for research was received to launch the original record label at LVC.  

Since its inception,  Vale Music Group has continued to grow, serve the LVC community, and provide learning opportunities for all students.  The group was created as a student-run, non-profit, limited liability corporation within Lebanon Valley College. The organization continues to allow students to gain valuable experience in the various aspects of the music industry including production, marketing, event organization, and finance.  

The fall of 2023 marks the start of the next generation of the Vale Music Group.  The organization is being rebranded and restructured to become the new Vale Music Industry Experience.  The organization will continue to provide students with learning opportunities and experience in operations, promotions, live event management, and productions.  New opportunities will provide students with a look into trending practices in the music industry.