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Breen Center for Graduate Success

For students seeking in-person career and internship guidance, the Breen Center has been reconfigured to allow for physical distancing. Sanitizing and cleaning protocols are in place. Online options include virtual appointment platforms, information sessions, workshops, job fairs, and networking events. Off-campus immersive experiences, such as internships, study abroad programming, service-based opportunities, and research projects will continue to be offered when possible. If circumstances require, the center will connect you with alternative experiences. 


While LVC students are not required to have an internship before graduation, specific majors require internships as part of the degree path. You must receive approval from your faculty supervisor and academic department before beginning an internship. Follow College and employer policies and wear appropriate PPE while at the internship site. There must also be a designated employer supervisor the faculty member can contact as needed. If you want a virtual internship or workplaces shift to remote status, contact the Breen Center for Graduate Success. If your internship site does not follow appropriate protocols to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, you must leave the site and contact the Breen Center or your faculty advisor.