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Student Guests

Students may not host off-campus guests in their residence hall or house, including in their rooms or communal areas. Guests include but are not limited to non-LVC persons such as parents, guardians, siblings, extended family, partners, and friends. This prohibition includes short visits, periods of time to study, socialization, and overnight stays.

Additionally, LVC students may only enter their assigned residence hall (e.g. they may NOT enter a residence hall in which they are not living).

Students may socialize only in outdoor public spaces and must maintain physical distancing.


  • Students who require medical assistance may request visitation by a parent or guardian responding to assure the wellness of the student. Affected students or their parent/guardian must obtain prior permission for visitation by an administrator from the Student Affairs Division. Call 717-867-6233 for permission.
  • Personal care attendants for students with disabilities are permitted on campus and in facilities as needed.
  • Visitors may assist students during move-in and move-out as established by College policy but are not permitted to remain on campus after completing move-in/move-out.

All students are subject to College policy and the Student Conduct Code. This code includes additional expectations to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.