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CARES Act Emergency Relief Grants

Phase 2 of CARES Act Emergency Relief Grants is open for students who were not enrolled or otherwise eligible in spring 2020, but who are enrolled in fall 2020. Students who experienced additional expenses in housing, food, technology, coursework, healthcare, or other areas due to the disruption of campus operations may apply. All eligible and potentially eligible students were notified via email regarding the opportunity and how to receive the funds, if eligible. The deadline to apply is November 16, 2020.

Students must visit here and log in to certify they have expenses to receive a grant. Grant amounts are determined using the same methodology as phase 1—degree level, enrollment status, and financial need. Pell-eligible full-time undergraduates may be awarded the largest individual grants.

Questions: Contact Kendra M. Feigert, Director of Financial Aid
(717) 867-6126

Will need-based or merit aid be reduced for students who start the semester online?

No. Financial aid will not be repackaged. A room and board credit will be provided to residential sophomores and juniors who start the semester off-campus on the phased move-in schedule.

What will happen with federal work-study aid for students not residing on campus or not able to work in-person?

Students who do not live on campus (either temporarily or for the whole semester) and can conduct their job duties remotely, will continue to receive payment for hours worked. If they are living on campus, they should coordinate their work with their supervisor and work remotely as much as possible.

What should students and families do if they are experiencing financial hardship?

Students experiencing financial hardship should contact the LVC Office of Financial Aid at or 717-867-6126.

Student Employment

Student on-campus employees should follow the same protocols and policies required for LVC’s faculty and staff. Students working off-campus should wear masks and follow all hygiene guidance from CDC, PDH, and their employers.