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Isolation is required for anyone who is symptomatic.

Whether you are vaccinated or unvaccinated, you will be required to isolate if you have symptoms of COVID-19. If you test positive for the virus, you will need to isolate for five (5) days. It’s likely that students will need to isolate at home, not on-campus. Students in isolation are responsible for completing their work as with any other infectious disease. Shroyer Health Center staff will give students isolation instructions whether their symptoms are COVID-19-related or not. Self-isolation when ill with the common cold, influenza, or other viral illnesses is the best way to avoid getting others sick.

Remote Start to Spring 2022 Semester

Dear Students, 

Given the regional surge in COVID-19 infections and the transmissibility of the omicron variant, LVC will begin Spring 2022 semester courses remotely for two weeks, starting January 17. The College made this decision in consultation with Penn State Health in the hopes that infections will be on a downward trajectory by the end of the month. However, we will continue to monitor the situation closely and make further adjustments as necessary.

*In-person classes are now set to begin January 31. (Note: Provost Cowart is working with health professions programs that have a pedagogical need for some students to begin in-person learning January 17. If you are a health professions student or an education student with a teaching placement, please look for messages from your program director or chair.) 

*Students—residential and commuter—should delay their return to campus until January 30. Those who need to return earlier than January 30 must complete this Request for Early Move-In form by Thursday, January 6, at 4 p.m. Exemptions will be granted on a case-by-case basis for students with exceptional circumstances. 

*Student-athletes will be contacted by their coaches with their report dates. 

*Vaccinations and boosters are highly effective in mitigating the spread and severity of COVID-19, even the latest omicron variant. In fact, the majority of those hospitalized and critically ill are unvaccinated. Higher vaccination and booster rates maximize our ability to return to and sustain in-person learning. 

*Any student who has reported being boosted will be entered into a weekly drawing for a $100 gift card starting January 17 and continuing through the end of the semester. Report being fully vaccinated or boosted here. Please get your flu shot as well.  

*The CDC has made changes to its quarantine and isolation recommendations. Students who have received their boosters or have completed the primary series of Pfizer or Moderna vaccine within the last five (Pfizer) or six (Moderna) months or have completed the primary series of J&J vaccine in the last two months will not be required to quarantine if exposed to someone who tests positive.* Otherwise, you will be required to quarantine if you are a contact of someone testing positive. 

Upon your return to campus: 

*We will not require re-entry testing. However, we encourage you to get tested before your planned return. If you have symptoms of an illness, delay your return to campus until you are well. 

*If you are experiencing symptoms of any illness—even if it is a sniffle and even if you are fully vaccinated, fill out the Daily Symptom Tracker in MyLVC. Shroyer Health Center staff will contact you. DO NOT visit Shroyer without an appointment, and please do not visit an urgent care center in lieu of seeing the healthcare professionals at Shroyer. 

*Please wear surgical masks, N95s, or cloth masks of at least three layers. Universal indoor masking will continue, including in residence halls. Residential students are required to mask up inside residence halls. The only exception is when roommates are inside their room with no other visitors. 

*Please follow all masking, testing, isolation, and quarantining guidelines. Contact tracing and surveillance testing of unvaccinated individuals will continue. Those who do not comply will be subject to disciplinary action under the student conduct code. 

*Classroom distancing of at least three feet will continue. Practice social distancing of at least six feet whenever possible. 

*If it is determined that you must isolate or quarantine, you may be required to go home until you are cleared to return to campus. 

Contact if you have questions. 

Thank you for your flexibility and understanding.  

President MacLaren 
*Please check the CDC and FDA websites for the latest information about vaccination protocols and timelines for your age group.

Attendance Restrictions Relaxed for Music Performances

The Music Department announced today that attendance restrictions for have been relaxed. All events are open to the public (and still streamed) with the following required conditions:
*All attendees must remain six feet apart in the performance area and from students. Family members who reside in the same household can sit together.
*Everyone must wear a mask that completely covers their mouth and nose.
*Please remember that seating in the Zimmerman Recital Hall in the Suzanne H. Arnold Gallery is limited, so some guests may not be able to participate if at COVID-requirement capacity.
*There will be a separate guest entrance for performances in Lutz Hall of the Bertha Brossman Blair Music Hall.
Please email if you have any quesitons.

Important Masking Reminder

Welcome back to LVC. The fall semester is off to a great start. Let’s keep the positive energy going!

Remember to wear a mask at all times indoors, including in the Sports Center and other non-classroom locations. Your mask should cover your nose and mouth. Cloth and medical masks are required—bandanas and neck gaiters are no longer deemed sufficient. If a faculty or staff member or a fellow student reminds you to wear a mask, please be courteous and do so. At this time, no students are exempted from indoor masking, and our faculty and staff have been informed of this.

Stay safe and do what’s best for our community.

For ourselves and for each other.

Isolation or Quarantine

Isolation or Quarantine Information

Any student who misses class due to isolation or quarantine, whether vaccinated or not, should inform their professors and coaches that they will not attend class or practice in person, and arrange to complete assignments, etc. on time.

Residential Students—please remain in your room except to use the bathroom or go outside for fresh air. Follow all safety protocols including vigilant physical distancing, consistent mask-wearing, and frequent hand washing.

Commuters and Employees—please remain in your home except to go outside for fresh air. Follow all safety protocols including vigilant physical distancing, consistent mask-wearing, and frequent hand washing.  

All—do not go to work or socialize with friends or family outside your immediate household or roommate(s). A member of our contact tracing team will provide guidance to your roommate(s) on whether they should quarantine.

Do not end your isolation or quarantine unless directed to do so by Shroyer Health Center staff or your LVC contact tracer. They will provide your end date and any changes that may occur when reviewing your situation. 

*Call 911 or go to the emergency room if you have emergency health needs.

*Contact the Shroyer Health Center at 717-867-6232, ext. 6231, or if you require non-urgent medical assistance during business hours.

*Use Penn State Health OnDemand if you require non-urgent medical assistance during evenings or on weekends. You also can visit a local urgent care center.

What counts as close contact

*You were within six feet of someone who has COVID-19 for a cumulative total of 15 minutes or more over 24 hours
*You had direct physical contact with the person (hugged or kissed them)
*You shared eating or drinking utensils or gathered to eat meals
*You rode in a car together
*You share a bedroom and/or bathroom space with the person
*Close contact can occur up to two days before a person becomes symptomatic
*These criteria are applicable even if both individuals were masked in some cases; contact tracing will determine if a contact meets the criteria.

Contact tracing is the process of identifying close contacts of laboratory-confirmed or probable COVID-19 patients. Contact tracers are trained and keep your information confidential. Please respond promptly and honestly if a contact tracer calls you. Vaccinated individuals may be interviewed or guided by contact tracing team members. Contact tracing is crucial in helping LVC identify new cases of COVID-19 and prevent further spread. 

Employees: Do not report to campus. Self-quarantine and consult a physician for further evaluation. Please report any additional information to your department and human resources.

Please email or call 717-867-6555 if you have any questions regarding LVC’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.