Policy on Remote Instruction for In-person Courses


Since the beginning of the pandemic, LVC has committed to following CDC guidelines in determining policies and practices. Per the CDC website, the COVID-19 Community Level in Lebanon County and most counties in which our students and employees reside have Low Community Levels. Therefore, the College has decided to return to pre-COVID-19 policies and practices concerning in-person courses.

Effective starting Summer 2022 and in subsequent terms, the following policies and practices will be in place regarding in-person courses:

1. Unless a course is designated as an online offering in the course schedule, it will occur in person.Students may not take in-person courses remotely, except if approved on a short-term basis (generally limited to three weeks) due to medical circumstances with appropriate documentation. If a student requires a short-term accommodation for remote learning, their circumstances will be evaluated by the appropriate office (e.g., Health Services, Accessibility Resources), and the Registrar’s Office will send a communication to instructors.Faculty may not teach undergraduate courses remotely during fall and spring semesters, except if approved on a short-term basis (generally limited to three weeks) due to medical circumstances with appropriate documentation or approved in advance by the Provost/VPAA according to the College’s online/hybrid course policy. The policy allows for the following circumstances:The professor has expertise in a specific course and cannot teach fully on campus;There is a circumstance that prevents the course from meeting in person. For example: The professor is ill, injured, or otherwise unable to come to campus for an extended duration;Hybrid or online instruction has a compelling pedagogical benefit to the course. For example: an education course teaching online learning;The department, in the spirit of innovation and as a way of improving pedagogy, desires to offer a course or courses in hybrid/online format to evaluate and assess the effectiveness of this modality for the course or to compare the pedagogical effectiveness to the course’s in-person offering; orLimited other reasons at the sole discretion of the Provost/VPAA.2. Classrooms, labs, and other instructional spaces will return to normal distancing.

3. Masking indoors will remain optional but highly encouraged.

Please note that these policies are subject to modification if there is a significant change of circumstance regarding COVID-19 or another infectious disease.

Provost Cowart