President’s Message on Vaccinations and Masking

Dear LVC Community, 
We continue to monitor COVID-19 trends and update policies and procedures accordingly. With the recent changes to recommendations in Pennsylvania, decreasing infection rates, and increasing vaccination rates, we’ve made the following changes:  Starting today, you are no longer required to wear a mask outdoors on LVC’s campus. Of course, you may continue to mask up outdoors if you prefer to do so. Indoor masking is required until further notice.  Weekly through June, July, and August, we will draw one employee and one student name from the pool of those who have uploaded proof of vaccination any time this year. Winners will receive a $100 Visa gift card. The earlier you submit proof of vaccination, the higher your chances of being selected. (To protect confidentiality, if you are an employee winner, a human resources staff member will privately contact you. If you are a student winner, an authorized student affairs staff member will privately contact you.)  You will not have to quarantine, isolate, or be tested for the fall semester if you are vaccinated.  Currently, 62% of all employees and fewer than 30% of all students have reported to the College that they have been fully vaccinated. We’re confident these rates are higher than reported. If you have not been vaccinated or reported your results yet, please do so as soon as possible and submit proof of vaccination here. All healthcare experts agree that this is the key to a return to what we all want—normal operations. | Where to Get Vaccinated We set a goal to exceed a 70-80% vaccination rate—a target guided by the current advice of public health officials. We will consider relaxing certain mitigation protocols as the rate increases toward our goal.  I’m also proud to note that I will sign the White House’s COVID19 College Challenge, “where colleges and universities can take a pledge and commit to taking action to get their students and communities vaccinated…” 
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Be safe and well, 
President MacLaren