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Spring 2021 Return-to-campus Plan [Updated Jan. 29, 2021]

Surveillance Testing Info and FAQs

Testing Partner

LVC will launch its campus surveillance testing program on Feb. 22. This program will run in conjunction with the athletics surveillance testing that began on Jan. 25.

Our testing partner for surveillance testing is CIC Health, a health technology company serving higher education institutions, non-profit organizations, and small businesses. CIC Health guarantees fast turnaround times, and scientists at Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard support it. Our partners at Penn State Health have reviewed the program.

About Campus Surveillance Testing

Surveillance testing gives us the ability to monitor virus prevalence on campus, detect asymptomatic cases, and take steps if needed to mitigate spread.

LVC will base weekly campus surveillance testing for employees and students who are not competing in athletics for the spring semester on percentages of three populations of the campus: residential students, commuter students, and employees.

Groups excluded from campus surveillance testing: student-athletes who are part of the athletic testing process, clinical students who get tested regularly, and anyone working or learning in a fully remote capacity for the spring semester. And, unless you are symptomatic, you will be exempt from surveillance testing if you are fully vaccinated with the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines. 

Heather Whitman is serving as LVC’s testing coordinator.

Please direct all campus surveillance testing questions to

All testing is free of charge.

About Athletics Surveillance Testing

LVC will test student-athletes according to NCAA guidelines based on their level of risk and frequency of competition.

Katie Dembroski is LVC’s athletic testing coordinator.

Emails about athletics surveillance testing will come from

Please direct all athletics surveillance testing questions to

All athletics testing is free of charge.


How will I know if I need to take a surveillance test?

If you are selected for surveillance testing, you will receive an email from on a Friday and will need to choose a testing time for the following week. Follow the instructions to create a CIC Health account and sign up for a testing time.

Who will participate in surveillance testing?

All students and employees on campus during the spring semester and who are not part of athletics testing must participate in surveillance testing. Any campus community member not willing to participate in surveillance testing will need to learn or work in a fully remote capacity for the Spring 2021 semester.

What kind of test is the surveillance test?

The CIC Health surveillance test is an Active Infection self-administered swab PCR test that uses an Anterior Nares Nasal Swab to determine whether you have an active COVID-19 infection. This type of test is the least invasive swab test available.

Where will I take my surveillance test?

LVC’s surveillance testing site is at the far end of Sorrentino Field House, closest to the pool, in the Arnold Sports Center on our North Campus. Look for the COVID Testing Check-in desk near the locker rooms on the Arnold Field building side.

How should I make an appointment to take a surveillance test?

If you receive an email stating that you have been selected for surveillance testing, sign up for a 15-minute appointment using the bookings app.

How long will it take to get my results?

You can expect your surveillance test results 24–28 hours after you take the test.

Where can I find my results?

You will receive an email from CIC Health when your surveillance test results are available. Log in to LabPass to review your results.

Who will see my surveillance test results?

In addition to your results appearing in your CIC Health LabPass account:

  • Shroyer Health Center staff will receive student surveillance testing results.
  • Human resources staff will receive employee surveillance testing results.

What happens if my surveillance test results are positive?

A positive surveillance test means you have an active COVID-19 infection. LVC’s medical director will review all positive cases. Shroyer Health Center staff will contact students who receive positive results. LVC human resources staff will contact employees who receive positive results.

All those with positive surveillance test results will be required to follow LVC isolation guidelines.

What happens if my surveillance test results are negative?

You do not have an active COVID-19 infection. Continue your regular activities while following all safety protocols (masking, hand washing, distancing, completing the daily symptom tracker in MyLVC) and the LVC Community Covenant.

Can I decline to participate in LVC’s campus surveillance testing program?

You can, but if you decline to participate in LVC’s campus surveillance testing program, you will need to work or learn remotely for the remainder of the Spring 2021 semester.

How much will surveillance testing cost me?

Nothing. LVC is covering surveillance testing costs.

Do I need to quarantine while I wait for my test results?

No. For surveillance testing, you do not need to quarantine while awaiting your test results. 

Should I fill out the daily symptom tracker before testing?

Yes. You should fill out the LVC daily symptom tracker found in MyLVC every day regardless of whether you are part of surveillance testing.

If you are waiting for your surveillance test results, select “Recently tested by the College (Surveillance/Athletic Testing). You will not automatically receive a red X if you choose this option unless your other answers trigger a red X.

Should I report for surveillance testing if I am experiencing COVID-19 symptoms?

No. If you are experiencing symptoms, do not report for your surveillance testing appointment. Complete your symptom tracker and isolate in your room or home. If you are a student, contact Shroyer Health Center ( or 717-867-6232). If you are an employee, contact your healthcare provider and human resources. 

What if my surveillance test comes back inconclusive?

If your surveillance test comes back inconclusive, you must schedule a new test for the following week.

If I get selected for campus surveillance testing, can I get tested instead by my physician or at an off-campus location?

No. If you are selected for LVC surveillance testing, you will need to follow LVC’s protocols and make an appointment through the bookings app.

If I’m fully vaccinated, do I need to take part in surveillance testing?

Non-athlete students and employees: If you have both doses of your vaccination and the College has a record of your vaccination card, you will be removed from surveillance testing. | Submit vaccination record.

Student-athletes: Per NCAA guidelines, you will still need to be surveillance tested. 

If I’ve tested positive for COVID-19, do I still have to surveillance test?

If you tested positive less than three months ago, you do not have to be in the pool for surveillance testing. If your positive test was more than months ago, your name will be added back to the roster for possible testing. If you’ve tested positive within the last three months and have not notified the college, please do so by completing this form.

Surveillance Testing Instructions [Infographic]

Info Session for Students & Families, Jan. 20, 2021 [Recording]

View the recording of the return-to-campus info session for students and families.

Direct questions about the return-to-campus or entry testing to

What if my test result comes back inconclusive or incomplete?

Students should contact Shroyer Health Center ( if their Quest COVID-19 test is inconclusive or incomplete. Do not come to campus until you speak to a staff member and are approved to return.

Employees should contact human resources ( if their Quest COVID-19 test is inconclusive or complete. Do not come to campus until you are approved to return.