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It’s Time for Your Flu Shot

Dear Campus Community,

The signs of fall are all around us. The days are cooling off, pumpkin spice latte is back, and Halloween is just around the corner—all indicators that it’s time for your flu shot!

This year it’s more important than ever to roll up your sleeve and get your annual flu vaccination. I know that only about 50 percent of adults get a flu shot in Pennsylvania each year, and I am confident that our LVC community can improve that percentage.

There are many good reasons to get a flu shot. It protects you and the people around you, and during the coronavirus pandemic, fewer people with the flu will reduce the strain on our already overburdened healthcare system. Make no mistake, seasonal flu is a dangerous illness. 

Every year medical experts develop a vaccine specific to the expected flu strains that will get people sick in the current year. Flu vaccines cause antibodies to develop in the body about two weeks after vaccination. These antibodies protect against infection through the viruses used to make the vaccine.

It’s best to get inoculated before the flu gets a foothold in our community.

LVC is holding flu shot clinics for students and employees. Check your email for details.

If, like me, you’ve ever had a nasty case of the flu, you’ll do almost anything to avoid an encore of that experience. I’m going to schedule my flu shot. I hope you will do the same.


What is self-quarantining? What is self-isolation?


LVC defines those who are self-quarantining as individuals who have been in states determined by Pennsylvania as COVID-19 hotspots, asymptomatic individuals who have been exposed to COVID-19, and individuals with symptoms of other contagious illnesses. Self-quarantine includes not going to your place of work and not socializing with friends or family outside of your immediate household or roommate. The other members of your household or your roommate may go to work and class but they should self-monitor closely for COVID-19 symptoms. They should be diligent about wearing a mask, hand washing, and physical distancing. If you are given additional or different instructions from a contact tracer, follow those instructions. 


LVC defines those who are self-isolating as individuals who have symptoms of COVID-19 and have either tested positive or awaiting test results. Self-isolation is staying at home except to receive medical care, staying separate from family members and pets, using a separate bathroom if possible, not sharing personal items, and wearing a mask around other people.

If you have any questions about LVC’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, please email or call 717-867-6555.