Daily Symptom Tracker

LVC’s digital symptom tracker informs student health services about possible COVID-19 cases on campus. Daily results are either a green checkmark or a red X. The symptom tracker refreshes every day at 5 a.m. 

Student Symptom Tracker Usage 

Students who are on campus for any reason on a particular day must complete the symptom tracker daily by 6 p.m. College staff will monitor the data and contact students of concern. If you have symptoms, follow the Protocol for Symptomatic Students. 

Faculty and Staff Symptom Tracker Usage 

Employees should complete the symptom tracker any day before they come to campus. If your results show a red X, do not come to campus and follow Human Resources policies and protocols posted in ADP.  

Faculty who receive a red X or who need to self-quarantine should stay home and deliver classes online if possible. To cancel a class, follow standard protocols for notifying the registrar and your department chair.  

Employees experiencing symptoms or who receive a red X should contact their healthcare provider. Shroyer Health Center provides care and testing to students only. 

Symptom Tracker Protocol for In-person Classes 

Faculty members must confirm that every student in the classroom has a green checkmark for the day for two important reasons: 1) so that students can less easily skip reporting for a day and 2) so that a potentially symptomatic student is not in the classroom. 

Students must complete the symptom tracker BEFORE coming to class and show that day’s green checkmark on their device to the faculty member before class begins. This may be done during attendance, before students enter a room if physical distancing is possible outside of the room, or in a way that suits the classroom setup and class size and format. Students with a red X are not permitted in classrooms and should follow the College’s Protocol for Symptomatic Students.

If you have any questions about LVC’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, please email information@lvc.edu or call 717-867-6555.