Healthcare Partners

LVC is working with Penn State Health Milton S. Hershey Medical Center and WellSpan to manage COVID-19 care and advise the College to adapt plans as needed. These partners are:

  • Assisting with COVID-19 screening, testing, and contact tracing;
  • Reviewing and providing input on LVC’s policies and protocols for a safe return to campus (student and employee policies and protocol flowchart for employee exposure to COVID-19);
  • Confirming guidance and recommendations are consistent with CDC guidance;
  • Providing support for return-to-campus activities to enhance the safety of LVC students and employees; and
  • Offering urgent and follow-up care for those diagnosed with COVID-19.

These services will supplement the existing on-campus health center nursing support that LVC students have access to during regular hours. The hours for health services have been extended to meet the needs of students during the pandemic.

Employees experiencing symptoms or seeking testing should work with their own healthcare provider.