Protocols for Positive COVID-19 Cases

The College will immediately begin contact tracing. Anyone designated by contact tracing as having had potential COVID-19 exposure will be required to self-isolate at home or in their residence hall for the amount of time determined by their healthcare provider. 

Students with COVID-19 or potential symptoms of COVID-19 will temporarily relocate to an isolation room on or near campus. You may consult with Shroyer Health healthcare providers about the viability of returning home to self-isolate. Self-isolation means you should stay in your assigned isolation room or at home until otherwise notified. You must stay away from others, use a separate bathroom, continue to wear a mask, and practice good hygiene. 

Students in self-isolation should continue classes online if able. Order meals through Metz to be delivered to your door.

COVID-19 positive students can only return to their residence halls and in-person classes after receiving clearance from a physician and providing documentation to Shroyer Health Center. Faculty and staff should follow LVC Human Resource policies.