The Plan for Safely Returning to LVC’s Campus

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The 2020–21 academic year will be different from any time in the history of Lebanon Valley College (LVC). The COVID-19 pandemic has required us to adjust the academic calendar, prepare to meet educational outcomes whether courses are delivered in-person or online, and re-envision how we learn, teach, work with, and support each other as a community. This plan for an in-person return to campus reflects, at its core, LVC’s commitment to delivering its hallmark high quality, engaging education that leads to career success while following all the state and federal public health recommendations.[i]

Flexibility, creativity, and innovation will drive our approach during this unprecedented time. LVC’s plan builds on insights gained from the rapid pivot to remote learning in the Spring 2020 semester. The faculty will provide intensive time and attention to individual students and small groups, focus on high-impact experiences, and streamline technology across courses. Staff in academic support services, the Bishop Library, the Breen Center for Graduate Success, student affairs, counseling services, and athletics are all designing in-person and virtual student experiences to support students’ educational and personal success. Facilities has implemented protocols to support health and hygiene. Information Technology has prepared faculty to teach effectively in the online modality and is ready to support students in the fall. In developing this document, College leadership and a cross-functional Return-to-Campus Task Force followed guidance from Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) and Pennsylvania Department of Health (PDH) and the recommendations of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, & Prevention (CDC). The team researched best practices, consulted with healthcare partners and legal counsel, and coordinated with staff and faculty across campus to develop detailed plans for an in-person Fall 2020 reopening of LVC. Additionally, four faculty task forces developed principles and plans to deliver an academic experience that meets stated learning outcomes. The following is an overview of the College’s plans and is intended to help students, their families, and LVC employees understand and make informed decisions about the policies, processes, and expectations for returning to LVC’s campus.

[i]  Given the uncertainty and changing circumstances presented by COVID-19, this plan may be updated periodically.

About LVC Forward

LVC Forward serves as a hub detailing how Lebanon Valley College is preparing for an in-person start to the fall 2020 semester. We are also using this time as an opportunity to create new ways to learn and develop new programs so that students are well-prepared for the future.

Check back for updates often.

Move-in Schedule

LVC will offer a staggered Dutchmen Drop-off move-in process for early arrivals, new students, and returning students. Early arrivals will be assigned a move-in day based on any requirements for early arrival and will select a move-in time from options available for their hall. New and returning students will select a move-in day and time from options available for their class and hall. Sign-ups will take place online.

Community Covenant

It is a privilege to be a member of the Lebanon Valley College community of learners. The foundation of our community rests upon the principle that we are only as good as the sum of our parts. For this reason, we embrace our responsibilities to support, assist, challenge, and hold each other to account. As we prepare for a new academic year during this pandemic,

let us reaffirm our beliefs and values, both personal and communal, to foster a safe, healthy, and high-quality educational environment.

By engaging as a member of the College community, each of us commits to uphold the policies, procedures, and mitigation strategies

set forth by Lebanon Valley College:

  • Self-monitor for symptoms.
  • Refrain from behaviors that will compromise my health and the health of others within our community to include adhering to traffic flow guidelines, guest and visitation policies, any directives to self-isolate as appropriate, and limit my exposure to others who choose to do otherwise.
  • Adhere to safe practices such as wearing face coverings, practice physical distancing, employ good hygiene practices such as frequent handwashing and use of hand sanitizer, and greet others without shaking hands.
  • Regularly clean and disinfect my personal space and items.
  • Prioritize virtual or outdoor meetings with physical distancing.
  • Communicate potential health concerns, including COVID-19 symptoms, to appropriate personnel in Shroyer Health Center (students) or my personal physician (employees), and to report all health-related issues as instructed by College policy.
  • Hold others accountable to uphold these standards as members of the LVC community.
  • Demonstrate care and concern for others.

Those who do not follow the College’s employee and COVID-19 policies or the Student Conduct Code will be prohibited from campus property. LVC policies and protocols may be stricter than county color-status guidelines.

External Visitors/Campus Guests

The number of visitors to campus will be minimized. A visitor is defined as an individual who is not a current employee or student of the College.

  • Student guests are limited; guidelines are presented above and in the Student Handbook.
  • Visitors must comply with College policies, including physical distancing and required face coverings.
  • Visits must take place outdoors or in areas that permit physical distancing. Visitors to indoor spaces including the library and Arnold Sports Center are not permitted unless approved by LVC Human Resources.
  • Prospective students and their families may visit under the guidance of the admission and/or athletics staff.
  • Vendors contracted with the College and package and meal deliverers can deliver goods and services.
  • Guest lecturers may visit under the aegis of a faculty member. It will be the responsibility of the host employee to assure visitors abide by all LVC Policies and the Returning to Campus After COVID-19 Handbook.
  • Volunteers pre-approved to assist with college academic or operational functions may visit under the direction of a supervisor.
  • Guidance for visitors who wish to attend athletic events will be determined based on forthcoming NCAA and MAC guidance.
  • Any potential visitor with COVID-19 symptoms or a fever of 100.4°F or higher is not permitted on campus.

Assumption of Risk

Students, employees, and visitors to campus acknowledge that COVID-19 is a public health risk, and even with LVC following recommendations and guidelines from the CDC, the PDH, and PDE, LVC cannot guarantee safety or immunity from infection, and that students, employees, and visitors accept those risks.

Facilities and Common Areas

Pedestrian Flow and Signage

The College will post signage highlighting pedestrian flow, proper hygiene and handwashing, symptoms checklists, proper physical distancing techniques, and symptom reporting information in all residence halls and administrative buildings. Educational materials will be distributed electronically (email, digital screens, website, social media) and in print.


To promote indoor air quality, HVAC systems will receive regular maintenance and air flows rates will be increased where possible.

Communal Areas and Bathrooms

In addition to the College’s preexisting cleaning protocols of using hospital-grade disinfectant, we will add additional protocols to clean and disinfect high-touch surfaces routinely and in accordance with official CDC guidelines.

Residence Halls and Academic Buildings

  • Restrooms and shower areas will be cleaned and disinfected daily; high-touch areas will receive additional cleaning daily.
  • Communal areas will be cleaned and disinfected daily.
  • High-touch areas will be cleaned and disinfected daily.
  • Disinfectant will be available for students and employees to clean communal areas, with supplies refilled daily.

Office Spaces

  • Offices will be cleaned and disinfected weekly.
  • Disinfectant and paper towels will be available for employees to do additional cleaning, with supplies refilled daily.

Public Bathrooms

Restrooms will be cleaned and disinfected daily; high-touch areas will receive additional cleaning daily.


CDC and PDH have indicated that the COVID-19 virus is easily killed via the use of standard disinfectants and normal use of a washing machine. All cleaning solutions LVC currently uses have gone through testing and been approved for Emerging Pathogen use.

Housekeeping procedures follow guidelines and recommendations from the CDC and PDH, focusing on frequent cleaning of high-touch and communal areas, including bathrooms, elevators, classrooms, and doorknobs in student-facing areas. Housekeeping staff will be provided with appropriate PPE for cleaning and disinfecting non-clinical spaces per CDC guidelines.

Cleaning supplies will be provided so that employees will be able to clean surfaces in their offices. Instructions on the proper use of the cleaning supplies will also be provided.

Personal Protective Equipment

Face Coverings

Coverings of the nose and mouth are required. They should be worn by all students and employees in all classrooms, communal areas, and public shared spaces on campus, and in areas where physical distancing cannot be observed. As a courtesy, LVC will distribute one cloth (washable and reusable) face mask to all students at the beginning of the Fall 2020 semester. Students and employees may use their own cloth face coverings. The College will provide additional face masks (as needed) to employees where frequent face mask use is required. LVC has secured a stock of disposable face masks if someone has forgotten or misplaced their own.


LVC will adapt spaces to promote physical separation in areas where faculty, staff, or students interact closely or exchange materials such as payments or documents, as well as areas with high volumes of interactions.


Gloves will be provided where the use of gloves is a requirement of the job function. In general, the use of gloves for repeated tasks unrelated to housekeeping is not recommended.


All students and employees are required to self-monitor for symptoms and fever of 100.4°F or above daily.

  • Students should report symptoms or fever to Shroyer Health Center immediately and self-isolate until receiving further instruction.
  • If a student reports symptoms to a faculty or staff member, that employee should contact the Shroyer Health Center and advise the student to contact the center immediately.
  • Employees should refer to LVC’s Returning to Campus After COVID-19 policy and Employee Exposure to COVID-19 response,

Anyone experiencing a health emergency should call 911.

Personal Hygiene

Each member of the LVC community must follow these hygiene and health practices:

  • Avoid handshakes
  • Limit the touching of one’s eyes, nose, and mouth
  • Wash hands vigorously, frequently, and thoroughly
  • Shield coughing and sneezing

Hand sanitizing stations will be placed throughout campus to support good personal hygiene.