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Drs. McCullough and Scesa to Present at National Conference in New Orleans with SLP Alumnae

Dr. Helga McCullough, assistant professor of speech-language pathology, and Dr. Michelle Scesa, chair and assistant professor of communication sciences & disorders/speech-language pathology, will present “Exploring Undergraduate Speech-Language Pathology Students’ Perceptions in an Interprofessional Education Pilot Program with Nursing Students” with Libby Lucas ’21, M’22 (non-presenting author) at the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association national convention in New Orleans, La., on Nov. 17. Additionally, Dr. McCullough will present “Quality of Life in Caregivers Affected by Parkinson’s Disease and Dysphagia” with Savannah Toth ’19, ’21, M’22 (non-presenting author) in a second session at the convention.

Dr. McCullough and SLP Clinic Receives Parkinson Grant

Dr. Helga McCullough, assistant professor of communication sciences and disordersand speech-language pathology, announced that LVC’s free public clinic, the Lebanon Valley College Center for Speech, Language, and Hearing Disorders, received a 2021 SPEAK OUT! & LOUD Crowd Grant. The grants, which are awarded to hospitals, university speech therapy clinics, private practices, and nonprofit organizations worldwide by the Parkinson Voice Project, enable recipients to receive therapy supplies and free training for recipients’ speech-language pathologists and graduate students. Faculty and students in the LVC clinic are committed to offering Parkinson Voice Project’s effective speech therapy program.

Dr. McCullough First Author on National Publication

Dr. Helga McCullough, assistant professor of communication sciences & disorders/speech-language pathology, was the first author on “Generational Differences in Work Ethic Among Speech-Language Pathologists,” in the peer-reviewed Perspectives of the ASHA Special Interest Groups. It was Dr. McCullough’s first peer-reviewed article, and was in collaboration from a Lafayette University professor.  

PennLive Publishes Dr. McCullough’s Op-Ed on President Biden

Dr. Helga McCullough’s op-ed, “Joe Biden Overcame His Stutter on His Own…” was published by PennLive on President Biden’s inauguration day. Dr. McCullough, assistant professor of speech-language pathology, expressed admiration for President Biden’s determination, but notes that thankfully today there are far more professional options and programs for those who want to  improve disfluencies.

Faculty Collaborate with Students on Journal Publication

Faculty from three departments—physical therapyspeech-language pathology, and education—collaborated with students, now alumni, on “The Impact of an Aquatic Social Competence Program on Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder.” Dr. Katie Oriel, professor of physical therapy, Dr. Michelle Scesa, chair and assistant professor of communication sciences & disorders/speech-language pathology, and Dr. Jennifer Wood Kanupka, chair and associate professor of education and director of special education, worked with Dr. Andrew Deardofff ’18, D’20, Sarah Grow ’18, D’20, Lindsay Lane ’18, D’20, and Dr. Olivia Poltonavage ’18, D’20 on the project published in The Journal of Aquatic Physical Therapy.

Dr. McCullough and SLP Receive Parkinson Voice Project Grant

Dr. Helga McCullough, on behalf of the Communication Sciences & Disorders/Speech-Language Pathology Department, was selected as a 2020 SPEAK OUT! & LOUD Crowd grant recipient through the Parkinson Voice Project. The grant will enable McCullough, assistant professor of speech-language pathology, to pursue training so the department can better serve individuals with Parkinson’s-related speech and voice issue in the LVC clinic. 

SLP Faculty Enhance Knowledge at ASHA Conference

Four members of the communication sciences & disorders/speech-language pathology faculty—Dr. Michelle Scesa, chair and assistant professor; Dr. Jennifer Ferry, clinical assistant professor; Dr. Helga McCullough, assistant professor; and Mindy Nguyen, director of clinical education—attended the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association Conference in mid-November. The faculty members attended numerous sessions to enhance their knowledge of the field and learn about existing and upcoming trends.