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Wilson Center Invites Dr. Dolan to Serve as a Research Associate

Dr. Chris Dolan, professor of political science and director of the LVC Center for Political History, was invited by the Wilson Center to serve as a research associate on the Global Europe Working Group on the Western Balkans and Subgroup on Kosovo. Dr. Dolan will co-research Wilson Center policy reports on Euro-Atlantic integration prospects for Kosovo and North Macedonia, maligned disinformation operations and cyber threats, and the normalization of diplomatic relations between Kosovo and Serbia.

Dr. Dolan Named Dual Research Associate

Dr. Chris J. Dolan, professor of political science, will serve as research associate with the Kosovar Centre for Security Studies (KCSS) in Prishtina, Kosovo, where he will research violent extremism, Russia’s use of hybrid warfare tactics, security sector reform, and the role of NATO in the geopolitics of the Western Balkans. He will also serve as a research associate with the Center for Political Courage at the University of Prishtina in Kosovo and research rule of law, democratization, and public policy in Kosovo.