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Dr. Unger Published Twice in Journal of Sleep Medicine

Dr. Erica Unger, associate professor of biology and director of neuroscience, co-authored “Iron-deficiency and dopaminergic treatment effects on RLS-Like behaviors of an animal model with the brain iron deficiency pattern of the restless legs syndrome” and “Developing a behavioral model of Restless Legs Syndrome utilizing mice with natural variances in ventral midbrain iron,” which were published on ScienceDirect. Unger and her colleagues concluded that BXD strain 40 mice provide a useful tool to model RLS and that the severity of brain iron deficiency is linked to restless legs syndrome symptoms.

Dr. Dompier Inks Concussion Op-Ed for PennLive

Dr. Thomas Dompier, associate professor of athletic training, published “Everyone Profits from Concussion Except the Athletes” on PennLive this past Saturday, In the opinion piece, Dompier discusses how everyone associated with the concussion industry—from the healthcare industry and researchers to lawyers and expert witnesses—benefits financially, except the athletes themselves.

Dr. Dolan Publishes Pair of Op-Eds Regarding Presidential Race

Dr. Christopher Dolan, professor of political science, had two pieces published in the PA Capital Star: Is Bernie Sanders this year’s George McGovern? Here’s why that could be the case, and “Voter faith in the DNC was fraying in 2016; Iowa unraveled it entirely.” Dolan is following the election closely while serving as a Fulbright Scholar in Kosovo this semester.

Dr. Romagnolo Publishes Chapter in Routledge Essay Collection  

Dr. Catherine Romagnolo’s article “At the Crossroads of Form and Ideology: Disidentification in Claudia Rankine’s Citizen” was published as the first chapter of Reading Contemporary Black British and African American Women Writers: Race, Ethics, Narrative Form, edited by Jean Wyatt and Sheldon George. Romagnolo, professor of English, along with authors from Canada, United Kingdom, and the U.S., is featured in the volume printed by Routledge Press.

Dr. Dompier Co-publishes Softball Research

Dr. Thomas Dompier, associate professor of athletic training, and several colleagues published Non-Time-Loss and Time-Loss Softball Injuries in Secondary School Athletes: A Report From the National Athletic Treatment, Injury and Outcomes Network (NATION) in the Journal of Athletic Training. The researchers found, among other results, that “secondary school softball players sustained a larger proportion of NTL [non-time-loss] injuries than TL [time-loss] injuries.”


Valier ARS, Bliven KCH, Gibson A, Simon J, Dompier TP, Wasserman EB, Rynard KL, Kerr ZY. Non-Time-Loss and Time-Loss Softball Injuries in Secondary School Athletes: A Report From the National Athletic Treatment, Injury and Outcomes Network (NATION). J Athl Train. 2020 Jan 8. doi: 10.4085/1062-6050-105-19.

Dr. Romagnolo Published in Ohio State University Press Text

Dr. Catherine Romagnolo’s “(Un)Natural Connections: Feminist Experimentation and Unnatural Narration in Nights at the Circus” was published as the opening chapter of Unnatural Narratology: Extensions, Revisions, and Challenges. Romagnolo, professor of English, contributed the chapter to the book edited by Jan Alber and Brian Richardson, and printed by the Ohio State University Press as part of its “Theory and Interpretation of Narrative Series.”


Dr. Laferriere Publishes Gaming Article in International Journal

Dr. Jeffrey Laferriere, assistant professor of education and director of secondary education, co-authored an article, Can Video Games Be Used as a Stealth Assessment of Aggression?: A Criterion-Related Validity Study, in International Journal of Gaming and Computer-Mediated Simulations (McCreery, M. P., Krach, S. K., Bacos, C. A., Laferriere, J. R., Head, D. L. (2019), 11(2), 40-49).

Dr. Laferriere Co-Authors Pair of Chapters

Dr. Jeffrey Laferriere, assistant professor of education and director of secondary education, had two co-authored chapters published in Game-Based Assessment Revisited (edited by Dirk Ifenthaler and Yoon Jeon Kim). The first, Assessing Learning form, with, and in Games Revisited: A Heuristic for Emerging Methods and Commercial Off-the-Shelf Games (doi: 10.1007/978-3-030-15569-8_2), can be found here. The second, Examining Designed Experiences: A Walkthrough for Understanding Video Games as Performance Assessments (doi: 10.1007/978-3-030-15569-8_6), can be read here.

Dr. Grieve-Carlson Publishes and Presents

Dr. Gary Grieve-Carlson’s essay “Emily Dickinson and the Question of Belief” appears in the current issue of the Journal Cithara 59.1 (November 2019), pages 31–47. In September, Grieve-Carlson, professor of English, delivered the keynote address, “Conceiving Life as Tragedy,” at the first conference of the Jonathan Bayliss Society in Gloucester, Mass. In March, he will present his paper “’You knew the man’: The Problem of Shaping Identity in Ezra Pound’s Poetry” at the Northeast Modern Language Association conference in Boston.

Dr. Robbins Co-Edits International Journal Issue

Dr. Jeff Robbins, professor of religion, co-edited a special issue of the Journal for Continental Philosophy of Religion with Dr. Jason Alvis of the University of Vienna in Austria. Alvis and Robbins also co-authored an editorial introduction for the issue.