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AEIR Publishes Pair of Dr. Josephson Op-eds

The American Institute for Economic Research (AEIR) published “How Yellowstone Portrays the American Creed” and “Reputation Works Better Than Regulation: Why Demand Should Determine Prices” by Dr. Kimberlee Josephson, associate professor of business administration. Real Clear Markets also published Dr. Josephson’s second article.

Dr. Josephson Published in Pennsylvania Economic Review

Dr. Kimberlee Josephson, associate professor of business administration, had her article, “Applying the Eras of Fair Trade to the Product Life Cycle Theory,” featured in the Pennsylvania Economic Review (Spring, 2022, v. 29). The review is sponsored by the Pennsylvania Economic Association and is a refereed journal publishing scholarly articles on economics and finance.

Dr. Albert and Morgan Ernst’s ’21 Research Published in Infancy

Dr. Rachel Albert, associate professor of psychology, published “Infant vocalizations elicit simplified speech in childcare” in Infancy with co-authors Morgan Ernst ’21 and Dr. Claire Vallotton (Michigan State University). The paper demonstrates that infants use their vocalizations to actively shape their learning environments in multiple social settings—including childcare classrooms! Just like mothers, childcare teachers simplify their speech when responding to baby babbles to provide simpler more learnable information at moments infants are more receptive to learning. 

Dr. Kitchens Published with Student-Researchers; Presents at Annual Meeting

Dr. Michael B. Kitchens, professor of psychology, co-authored Cognitively accessible words associated with God as effective lexical primes in the Journal for the Cognitive Science of Religion, 8(2), 78–101 with four current and former student researchers: Isabella Lang ’23, M’25 (clinical mental health counseling 3+2), Sydney Petrasic ’21 (neuroscience), Brian Remper ’16 (criminal justice and psychology), and Brittany Wilson ’16 (psychology). Kitchens also presented his paper, What do people think about God? Investigating a mental representation of God as effective priming stimuli, at the 2022 Annual Meeting for the Society for the Scientific Study of Religion/Religious Research Association in November.  

Dr. Josephson Quoted in U.S. News Article

Dr. Kimberlee Josephson, associate professor of business administration, was cited as an expert in the Nov. 14 U.S. News & World Report article “What is Dynamic Pricing, and Why Has It Made Everything So Expensive?” Among other concerns regarding dynamic pricing, Dr. Josephson noted, “When done poorly, dynamic pricing can tarnish the reputation of a firm and the valuation of a brand—especially if a customer feels they have been taken advantage of.” 

Dr. Dolan Article Published in International Affairs Journal

Dr. Chris J. Dolan, director and professor, master of science in intelligence and security studies, published “NATO, the Russian Invasion of Ukraine, and the 2022 Strategic Concept” on Nov. 9 in the Georgetown Journal of International Affairs, Walsh School of Foreign Service, Georgetown University.

Dr. Sayers Published Two Co-authored Articles

Dr. Matthew Sayers, professor of religion, recently coauthored two articles related to the role of religion in higher education. “Recognizing Christian Hegemony as Broader than Christian Privilege: Critical Religion Scholars Respond to Glanzer” will appear in Religion & Education and “Interfaith?: A Critical Examination of the Interfaith Learning and Development (ILDT) Framework for Religious, Secular, and Spiritual Identities” will appear in the Journal of College and Character.

Dr. Walker’s Paper Accepted by Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research

Dr. Alan Walker, assistant professor of exercise science, recently had a co-authored paper accepted for publication in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research. Dr. Walker published the paper, “Power, Endurance, and Body Composition Changes over a Collegiate Career in NCAA Division I Women’s Soccer Athletes,” with co-authors Dr. Bridget McFadden (assistant professor, Queens College), Dr. Brittany Bozzini (coordinator of performance services, Kansas City Royals), Dr. Harry Cintineo (assistant professor, Lindenwood University), Dr. Samuel Hills (lecturer, Bournemouth University), Alexa Chandler (graduate student, University of Arizona), Dr. David Sanders (assistant professor, Loyola University Chicago), Dr. Mark Russell (researcher, Leeds Trinity University), and Dr. Shawn Arent (chair and professor, University of South Carolina).

Dr. Prince Published in journal Teaching Sociology

Dr. Barbara F. Prince, assistant professor of sociology, published “The Handmaid Still in the Classroom? Using The Handmaid’s Tale in Sociology of Gender” in the journal Teaching Sociology. Dr. Prince found through analyzing 108 student journal entries in a sociology of gender course that students identified and connected 58 distinct class concepts to The Handmaid’s Tale.

Dr. Goshorn Published in LGBTQ+ Journal

Dr Jeremy R. Goshorn, assistant professor of clinical mental health counseling, published “Does Meaning-in-Life or Self-Compassion Influence LGBTQ+ Identity or Outness?” in the Journal of LGBTQ+ Issues in Counseling with two co-authors. Their study explored the relationship between self-compassion and meaning-in-life on LGBTQ+ identity and outness. This study adds to the literature and highlights the importance of counseling practitioners promoting positive psychological factors in their work with LGBTQ+ clients.