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Dr. Pitonyak Presented a Contributed Talk during International Conference

Dr. Daniel Pitonyak, assistant professor of physics, gave a contributed talk, “Global Analysis of SSAs from Current and Future Data,” at the 22nd Particles and Nuclei International Conference on Sept. 5. Dr. Pitonyak participated virtually in the tri-annual conference featuring plenary speakers from throughout the U.S. and world.  

Dr. Pitonyak Presents Contributed and Invited Talks

Dr. Daniel Pitonyak, assistant professor of physics, gave a contributed talk, “Impact Study of Future Data on the Tensor Charge from a QCD Global Analysis,” at the 19th International Conference on Hadron Spectroscopy and Structure on July 28. Dr. Pitonyak also gave an invited talk, “Proton Spin at Small x,” at the Electron-Ion Collider Users Group Summer Meeting on August 6. Both presentations were virtual.

Dr. Pitonyak Co-Authors Physical Review D Article

Dr. Daniel Pitonyak, assistant professor of physics, co-authored “First analysis of world polarized DIS data with small-x helicity evolution” for the August issue of Physical Review D. The results will help in understanding how the spin of quarks and gluons contribute to the overall spin of the proton. Dr. Pitonyak’s co-authors are from The Ohio State University, New Mexico State University, and the Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility. The authors are members of the Jefferson Lab Angular Momentum Collaboration.

Dr. Veenhuizen Co-Authors Article in Crystal Growth and Design

Dr. Keith Veenhuizen, assistant professor of physics, is the third author on an article published in July 2021 in the journal Crystal Growth and Design. The article, “Polarization and Surface Effects on the Seed Orientation of Laser-Induced Sb2S3 crystals on Sb-S-I glass crystals on Sb-S-I glass,” is about using different fields (electric field polarization, temperature distribution, and light intensity distribution) to control the orientation of crystals formed on the glass surface with a laser.

Dr. Pitonyak Presents for UCLA Conference

Dr. Daniel Pitonyak, assistant professor of physics, presented remotely for the QCD Evolution Workshop, hosted by the University of California at Los Angeles. His invited talk was titled, “Phenomenological Study of the Origin of SSAs and Extraction of the Tensor Charge.” Dr. Pitonyak discussed his team’s results on the first global fit of single-spin asymmetry data from SIDIS, Drell-Yan, e+e− annihilation into hadron pairs, and proton-proton collisions, which will help provide insight on the 3-dimensional structure of hadrons.

Dr. Pitonyak Gives Opening Talk at National Physics Society Symposium

Dr. Daniel Pitonyak, assistant professor of physics, gave the invited opening talk at a Mini-Symposium on Transverse Momentum Dependent Phenomena at the American Physical Society April Meeting. He presented an overview of the current status of transverse momentum dependent physics and related phenomena that give us insight into the 3-dimensional structure of hadrons. 

Dr. Pitonyak Co-Authors Peer-Reviewed Journal Article

Dr. Daniel Pitonyak, assistant professor of physics, co-authored “Electron-Ion collider impact study on the tensor charge of the nucleon,” which was published in Physics Letter B. He and his co-authors studied the impact of the Electron-Ion Collider (EIC), a future high-energy collider to be built at Brookhaven National Lab, on the phenomenological extraction of the tensor charge, a fundamental charge of the nucleon, from a QCD global analysis of single transverse-spin asymmetries. 

Dr. Pitonyak’s Research Published in EIC Yellow Report

Dr. Daniel Pitonyak, assistant professor of physics, had his research included in the recently released Electron-Ion Collider (EIC) Yellow Report. The Science Requirements and Detector Concepts for the Electron-Ion Collider: EIC Yellow Report was published by an international community of more than 400 scientists from 151 institutions.  The report details the physics case and detector requirements for the EIC, “a powerful new facility for nuclear physics research that will collide high-energy electron beams with high-energy proton and ion beams, [which] will give scientists access to the dynamic internal structure of protons, neutrons, and nuclei,” according to a Brookhaven National Lab announcement

Sophomore Physics Majors Hagy and Magneson Participate in Regional Conference

Physics majors Lauren Hagy ’23 and Olivia Magneson ’24 participated in the virtual Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics Jan. 22–24. The event, supported in part by the National Science Foundation, enables women in physics to experience a professional conference, learn about career opportunities in physics, and hear from experts in the field.

Dr. Veenhuizen Co-Authors Article in Crystals

Dr. Keith Veenhuizen, assistant professor of physics, is the third author on an article published with colleagues from Lehigh University in the journal Crystals. The article, Effect of laser beam profile on rotating lattice single crystal growth in Sb2S3 model glass, describes a novel laser heating method which has helped delineate the contributions of temperature gradient and crystal anisotropy in crystal growth and lattice rotation.