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AEIR Publishes Pair of Dr. Josephson Op-eds

The American Institute for Economic Research (AEIR) published “How Yellowstone Portrays the American Creed” and “Reputation Works Better Than Regulation: Why Demand Should Determine Prices” by Dr. Kimberlee Josephson, associate professor of business administration. Real Clear Markets also published Dr. Josephson’s second article.

Dr. Hinshaw’s Op-ed Published by RealClear Pennsylvania

Dr. John Hinshaw, professor of history, had his op-ed, Will the PA GOP Change Course? Probably Not, published by RealClear Pennsylvania on Nov. 21. He included facts such as “Voters under thirty voted against Republications by nearly 40% in the U.S. Senate race” among other explanations as to why the “Red Wave” did not occur.

Dr. Dolan Co-authors Madrid Op-ed

Dr. Chris J. Dolan, professor of political science, published “NATO After Madrid: A Strategic Concept or Strategic Ambiguity,?” in Tempos Novos on September 3. The piece, co-authored by Dr. Jared Larson, explores the consequences of NATO’s Strategic Concept that was developed at the Madrid Summit in June.

Dr. Josephson Published by Real Clear Markets

Dr. Kimberlee Josephson, associate professor of business administration, had another op-ed  published by Real Clear Markets. Dr. Josephson shared some pitfalls experienced by companies with flexible work policies in “Work from home is much easier said than done.”

Dr. Can Bahadır Yüce’s Op-Ed Published by PennLive

Dr. Can Bahadır Yüce, assistant professor of history, had an op-ed, “Banning Books, Pennsylvania and a Strange Case of Censorship,” published recently by PennLive. Dr. Yüce notes an odd connection between censorship in Turkey and Pennsylvania, where a nemesis of the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan now resides.

Dr. Dolan’s Op-ed Published by The Hill

Dr. Chris Dolan’s, director of the Master of Science in Intelligence and Security Studies Program and professor of political science, op-ed, “Russian threats against the Ukraine could push Finland and Sweden toward NATO,” was published by The Hill this week. Dr. Dolan, a frequent contributor to The Hill, noted “Finland and Sweden have significant security concerns with their larger and more aggressive neighbor to the east.” And “If admitted, each would enhance security in NATO’s northeastern flank and put Russia on notice.”

Dr. Dolan Co-inks Op-Ed for Ohio Newspaper; Picked up by Yahoo News

Dr. Chris J. Dolan’s, professor of political science and director of the Master of Science in Intelligence and Security Studies Program, op-ed, “Keeping Donald Trump in power was Mark Meadows’ focus in short stint at White House,” was published by the Akron Beacon Journal this week. Dr. Dolan, who co-wrote the piece with David B. Cohen of the University of Akron, discussed the recent decision by the U.S. House to hold the former chief of staff in criminal content for the January 6 attack on the Capitol. Yahoo News and The Conservative Investor Daily also picked up the article.

Dr. Josephson Named Contributor to Golden Key Academy

Dr. Kimberlee Josephson, associate dean of the Breen Center for Graduate Success and associate professor of business administration, was invited to be a contributor to the Golden Key Academy article section. Dr. Josephson was inducted into Golden Key, an international honor society, when she was a graduate student in Australia. Her first article for the academy, Don’t let your competitive advantage turn into competitive inertia, can only be accessed by Golden Key members.

Dr. Dolan’s Op-Ed Published by The Hill

Dr. Chris J. Dolan, professor of political science and director of the Master of Science in Intelligence and Security Studies Program, published “From the cold war to a hard freeze” on The Hill recently. Dr. Dolan, an opinion contributor for The Hill, discussed the rising conflict between Russia and the Ukraine, and the recent “Cold War-style summit” with President Joe Biden and President Vladimir Putin.

President MacLaren’s Pell Grant Op-Ed Published on PennLive

PennLive published an op-ed, “Pennsylvania needs to double the Pell grant to help more students stay out of debt,’ by President James M. MacLaren, Ph.D., on Dec. 5. President MacLaren joined fellow presidents to call “on elected officials to double the size of the Pell Grant,” noting that Pennsylvania “had the highest rate of federal Direct Loan borrowing” in his guest editorial.