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LVC Faculty Attend STEM Event at Governor’s Residence

Dr. Stephanie Blanda, assistant professor of mathematical sciences, Dr. Ashley McFalls, assistant professor of neuroscience, Dr. Liz Sterner, assistant professor of chemistry, and Dr. Jenna Marx, assistant professor of psychology, attended an event at the Pennsylvania Governor’s Mansion to honor Women in STEM Oct. 17. The event was sponsored by the STEM-UP Network, whose goal is to “deliver strategies, relationships, and a strong community to women so they can flourish, prosper, and advance personally and in their STEM careers.”

Dr. Sterner Published in Journal of Chemical Education

Dr. Elizabeth Sterner, as sole author, was published in the Journal of Chemical Education for her organic lab exercise that incorporates aspects of polymer synthesis and characterization to show students a practical example of how the choice of a particular reaction has consequences for how to perform that reaction and the quality of the resulting product.  The project, “Three Ways to Polyamides: The Impact of Polymerization Mechanism on Polymer Properties,” was published Aug. 2, 2019.

Dr. Sterner Guest Lectures at Elizabethtown College

Dr. Liz Sterner, assistant professor of chemistry, held a seminar as a guest of Elizabethtown College’s Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry Oct. 27. Dr. Sterner discussed “Body Armor, Soft Robots, and Surgical Gloves: Designing Soft Materials for Tough Applications.”

Dr. Sterner Delivers Keynote at Creighton University

Dr. Elizabeth S. Sterner, assistant professor of chemistry, was invited back to her undergraduate alma mater, Creighton University, to present a research seminar and deliver keynote remarks at the Ferlic Scholars Research Fellows Poster Presentation. While a student, Dr. Sterner received one of these scholarships and worked in the lab of Dr. Stephen Gross.