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Dr. Hinshaw’s Op-ed Published by RealClear Pennsylvania

Dr. John Hinshaw, professor of history, had his op-ed, Will the PA GOP Change Course? Probably Not, published by RealClear Pennsylvania on Nov. 21. He included facts such as “Voters under thirty voted against Republications by nearly 40% in the U.S. Senate race” among other explanations as to why the “Red Wave” did not occur.

Dr. Yüce Featured Speaker at International Peace Conference

Dr. Can Bahadır Yüce, assistant professor of history, was a featured speaker for the 2022 International Peace Symposium on Sept. 17. Dr. Yüce’s talk highlighted “Turkey and the rise of authoritarian regimes.”

Drs. Guzmán-Zavala and Hinshaw Present at Inaugural PSU Medical Humanities Conference

Dr. Ivette Guzmán-Zavala, professor of Spanish, and Dr. John Hinshaw, professor of history, presented at the first regional Medical Humanities Conference last week, which was co-sponsored by the Humanities Department of the Penn State University Medical School, LVC, and other colleges. Dr. Guzmán-Zavala presented a poster, “Rethinking Childbirth: Oral Histories of Puerto Rican Mothers and Midwives,” and Dr. Hinshaw gave a talk that focused on how LVC’s newest major, medical humanities, was conceived and executed. Dr. Robert Carey, professor of biology and director of biochemistry & molecular biology, and Dr. Matthew Sayers, professor of religion and director of religion and philosophy, attended the inaugural conference, which was bristling with about 50 other professionals.

Dr. Can Bahadır Yüce’s Op-Ed Published by PennLive

Dr. Can Bahadır Yüce, assistant professor of history, had an op-ed, “Banning Books, Pennsylvania and a Strange Case of Censorship,” published recently by PennLive. Dr. Yüce notes an odd connection between censorship in Turkey and Pennsylvania, where a nemesis of the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan now resides.

Library of Congress Includes Dr. Schroeder’s Research in Web Archive

Dr. Michael Schroeder, professor of history, was invited to include his website covering the Sandino Rebellion in Nicaragua in the Library of Congress’ Handbook of Latin American Studies (HLAS) Web Archive. The archive is described as “part of a larger collection of historically and culturally significant websites that have been designated for preservation.” Dr. Schroeder’s research included about 20 LVC students who contributed in various ways to the website’s contents over the years.

Drs. Guzman-Zavala and Hinshaw Interviewed for LebTown

Dr. Ivette Guzman-Zavala, professor of Spanish, and Dr. John Hinshaw, professor of history, were interviewed by LebTown writer Liam Schmidt for “Tomateros to Dutchiricans: Local professors tell a Latinx history of Central Pennsylvania.” Schmidt noted that “For the last several years, the researchers of two professors at Lebanon Valley College has been instrumental in drawing attention to the remarkable social and cultural influence of the Latin American diaspora in Central Pennsylvania, which can be traced as far back as the American Revolution.”

Dr. Schroeder Interviewed for Bloomberg Law Environmental Justice Article

Dr. Michael Schroeder, professor of history, was interviewed for the recent Bloomberg Law article “Environmental Justice ‘Finding Voice,’ if Not Votes, in States” article. Dr. Schroeder said “The Pennsylvania Legislature has seen a surge of “environmental injustice” bills this year,” among other notes, in the article.

Dr. Hinshaw’s Op-Ed Published in South Africa

Dr. John Hinshaw’s, professor of history,  op-ed “Another day, another U.S. mass shooting: A toxic byproduct of our skewed electoral system,” was published by South Africa’s Daily Maverick. 

Dr. McCoy Published Chapter in University of Alabama Press

Dr. Rebecca McCoy, associate professor of history, published “Redefining Protestant and Catholic Space in Languedoc after the French Revolution” as a chapter in Revolution as Reformation: Protestant Faith in the Age of Revolutions, 1688–1832. The University of Alabama Press published the tome.

Drs. Guzmán-Zavala and Hinshaw Present at Latina/o Conference

Dr. Ivette Guzmán-Zavala, professor of Spanish, presented on “The Latinx Family Album and the Duthirican Exhibit” and Dr. John Hinshaw, professor of history, presented, “Dutchirican, A History of Latinxs in Central PA,” both at West Chester University’s Latina/o Conference October 26, 2020.