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Dr. Sterner Published in Journal of Chemical Education

Dr. Elizabeth Sterner, as sole author, was published in the Journal of Chemical Education for her organic lab exercise that incorporates aspects of polymer synthesis and characterization to show students a practical example of how the choice of a particular reaction has consequences for how to perform that reaction and the quality of the resulting product.  The project, “Three Ways to Polyamides: The Impact of Polymerization Mechanism on Polymer Properties,” was published Aug. 2, 2019.

Fox 43 Shines a Light on Alyssa Smale’s ’18 Nail Polish Research

Alyssa Smale ’18, chemistry, spent more than a year compiling a database to help criminologists use nail polish as an investigatory tool. When Fox 43 came to do a story on her work Smale had 14 brands of polish, each with seven colors, in the database, and had “learned how to transfer the data from machine to machine so data shared across the country can be examined accurately.” This fall, Smale will enroll in Penn State’s master’s in forensic science program.

Dr. Si Pham ’79 Featured in Lebanon Daily News

Dr. Si Pham, chemistry, shared his story of coming to the U.S. as a Vietnamese refugee in the 1960s, and of becoming a world-renowned surgeon. Dr. Pham had returned to campus to receive the College’s Distinguished Alumni Award.


Dr. Mukunda M. Ghimire Co-Authors Article in Distinguished ACS Journal

Dr. Mukunda M. Ghimire, visiting assistant professor of chemistry, co-authored “Mechanistic Investigations of Photo-induced Oxygenation of Ru(II) Bis-bipyridyl Flavonolate Complexes,” in Inorganic Chemistry, an American Chemical Society publication. Dr. Ghimire, with his co-authors from Baylor University, Stephen F. Austin State University, and University of North Texas concluded:


A series of Ru(II) bis-bipyridyl flavonolate complexes undergo oxidative cleavage of the Ru-bound flavonol dependent on both light and oxygen. The complexes’ structures, photophysical and electrochemical properties, as well as their reactivity with oxygen were investigated in detail. Two distinct reaction product mixtures from 1,2- and 1,3-additions of oxygen are produced by illumination into distinct excitation/emission manifolds. The two manifolds are attributed to tautomeric biradicals, which predict the observed reactivity patterns.


Students Present Scientific Posters with Dr. Michelle Rasmussen

Dr. Michelle Rasmussen, assistant professor of chemistry, and six science students presented at the 21st annual Undergraduate Research Symposium in the Chemical and Biological Sciences last fall in Baltimore Student presenters and posters include:


Andrew Brown ’18 (biochemistry & molecular biology, Bear, Del.)—“A Novel Method for Staining of the Prolamin Family of Proteins”

Bobby Tesoriero ’18 (biochemistry & molecular biology, music minor, Ridgewood, N.J.)— “The Effect of PEG: Salt Aqueous Two-Phase Systems on Protein Aggregation and Fibril Formation”

Patrick McMullen ’19 (biology, chemistry minor, Tamaqua, Pa.)—“The Effect of Common Chickweed on Garlic Mustard Growth”

Julia Rutherford ’18 (biochemistry & molecular biology, minors in economics and Spanish, Willow Street, Pa.)—“Self-Powered Enzymatic Biosensor for Simultaneous Detection of Two Biomarkers of Parkinson’s Disease”

Rebecca Drain ’18 (ACS chemistry, environmental studies minor, Lebanon, Pa.)—“Plant-Biofuel Cell Hybrid for Energy Production”

Brandon Roy ’19 (biochemistry & molecular biology and global studies, Spanish minor, Lebanon, Pa.)—“Expression and Purification of Phenylalanine for Sensor Validation”

Dr.Raymond Schaak ’98 Named AAAS Fellow

Dr. Raymond Schaak ’98, chemistry, was recently named a fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Dr. Shaak is the DuPont Professor of Materials Chemistry at the Pennsylvania State University.

Dr. Harris Published in Assessment Update

Using National Benchmarking Data to Improve Student Learning in Chemistry at Lebanon Valley College,” written by Dr. Marc Harris, associate dean of academic affairs, was published in the September–October issue of Assessment Update: Progress, Trends, and Practices in Higher Education.

Dr. Sterner Guest Lectures at Elizabethtown College

Dr. Liz Sterner, assistant professor of chemistry, held a seminar as a guest of Elizabethtown College’s Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry Oct. 27. Dr. Sterner discussed “Body Armor, Soft Robots, and Surgical Gloves: Designing Soft Materials for Tough Applications.”

Dr. Sterner Delivers Keynote at Creighton University

Dr. Elizabeth S. Sterner, assistant professor of chemistry, was invited back to her undergraduate alma mater, Creighton University, to present a research seminar and deliver keynote remarks at the Ferlic Scholars Research Fellows Poster Presentation. While a student, Dr. Sterner received one of these scholarships and worked in the lab of Dr. Stephen Gross.

Student-Faculty Summer Researcher Gary Dise ’20 Featured

Gary Dise ’20, chemistry, was featured as one of nearly 50 science students who participated in student-faculty research in the sciences this past summer. He was a member of the research group led by Dr. Anderson Marsh, Vernon and Doris Bishop Professor of Chemistry and director of the chemistry engineering track.