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Dr. Walker Co-Authors Paper in “Nutrients”

Dr. Alan Walker’s, assistant professor of exercise science, paper “Assessment of Sports Nutrition Knowledge, Dietary Practices, and Sources of Information in NCAA Division III Collegiate Athletics,” was published in the national journal “Nutrients.” Dr. Walker co-authored the article with colleagues from four other universities.

Dr. Walker Publishes Book Chapter and Pair of Journal Articles

Dr. Alan Walker, assistant professor of exercise science, co-authored a chapter, “Exercise, Anxiety, and Depression,” in the recently published book “The Handbook of Sports Psychology, 4th Edition.” He also co-authored “The Relationship between Perceived Wellness, Sleep, and Acute: Chronic Training Load in NCAA Division I Male Soccer Players,” and “Psychological and Physiological Challenges in Response to the Cumulative Demands of a Women’s Division I Collegiate Soccer Season,” in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research.

Exercise Science Majors Assist Dr. Walker at Regional Conference

Dr. Alan Walker, assistant professor of exercise science, had eight exercise science majors attend the Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference for the American College of Sports Medicine in CITY/ST, with him earlier this month. The students— Courtney Betsock ’21, Stephanie Jones ’20, Samuel Miller ’20, Ethan Hurd ’21, Madeleine Brown ’21, Kirstyn McNamara ’21, Shelby Hoke ’21, and Morgan Menges ’21—learned from experts in the field and helped Walker administer a fitness challenge for attending students to represent their respective institutions and compete for a trophy as the fittest school. The LVC octet aided Walker by running various fitness tests and judging the competition.

Dr. Walker Adds Trio of Research Publications

Dr. Alan Walker, assistant professor of exercise science, recently co-authored three research publications, including a pair in The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research. His published research focused on Biomarker Response to a Competitive Season in Division I Female Soccer Players, Running Economy and its Correlation to Performance and Fitness Variables in Recreationally-Trained Distance Runners, and Contextual Factors Influencing External and Internal Training Loads in Collegiate Men’s Soccer.