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Dr. Taylor Presents at ATRA Conference

Dr. Grant D. Taylor, professor of art & art history, presented “The Seeing Lens: Therapeutic Photograph” at the 2020 American Therapeutic Recreation Association (ATRA) Conference in October. 

Dr. Dolan Published in The Hill, MSN, and Other Countries

Dr. Chris J. Dolan, professor of political science, published another op-ed on The Hill. The piece, 
In Reversing ‘America First,’ Biden Needs a Multilateral Strategy, Dolan argues that newly-elected President Biden “must put forth a vision for active U.S. global leadership and provide American diplomats with resources to carry it out.” The writing was also picked up by MSN and outlets in several other countries, including Franceand Germany.

Education Faculty Present at PAC-TE Conference

Dr. Lindsay Koch, assistant professor of education, Dr. Jennifer Kanupka, chair and associate professor of education, and Jennifer Kuntz, assistant professor of education, presented, “The Use of Critical Reflection through a Concentrated Book Study to Enhance the use of Active Engagement Strategies in Preservice Teachers” at the Pennsylvania Association of Colleges and Teacher Educators (PAC-TE) in October.

Dr. Oriel Speaker for APPT Annual Conference

Dr. Kathryn N. Oriel, professor of physical therapy, will present a session titled, “Promoting Exercise in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) from Preschool Through Adolescence: Benefits, Barriers, and Practical Strategies for Success,” at the upcoming Academy of Pediatric Physical Therapy (APPT) annual conference. In the presentation, Oriel provides practical examples of how pediatric physical therapists can promote exercise, which has been shown to improve a variety of behaviors in children with ASD, across practice settings. 

Dr. Sayers Writes on History of Vocational Reflections

Dr. Matthew R. Sayers, professor of religion, wrote a blog post regarding the importance of history in vocational reflections. His thoughts were published on Vocation Matters, a blog hosted by the Network for Vocation in Undergraduate Education (NetVUE).

Dr. Pitonyak and Students Present at APS Meeting

Dr. Dan Pitonyak, assistant professor of physics, attended the virtual APS Division of Nuclear Physics Fall Meeting with three students last week. During the conference hosted by Michigan State University’s Facility for Rare Isotope Beams, Pitonyak gave a talk titled, “First Global Analysis of SSAs in SIDIS, Drell-Yan, e+e Annihilation, and Proton-Proton Collisions.” Michel Malda ’23, physics and analytical finance, gave a talk titled, “Mapping the 3D Structure of Hadrons through Asymmetries in Single-Inclusive Pion Production from Electron-Proton Collisions,” and Ben Gordon ’23, physics, and Adam Rilatt ’24, computer & data science, presented a poster titled, “Extraction of the Boer-Mulders Function from Unpolarized SIDIS Data.”

Drs. Guzmán-Zavala and Hinshaw Present at Latina/o Conference

Dr. Ivette Guzmán-Zavala, professor of Spanish, presented on “The Latinx Family Album and the Duthirican Exhibit” and Dr. John Hinshaw, professor of history, presented, “Dutchirican, A History of Latinxs in Central PA,” both at West Chester University’s Latina/o Conference October 26, 2020. 

Dr. McEvoy Interviewed by Peruvian Literary Magazine

Librosamis,” a Peruvian literary magazine, interviewed Dr. Gabriela McEvoy, chair of languages and associate professor of Spanish, regarding her book of short stories, “Palimpsest. Short Stories of Irish in Peru.” 

Dr. Dolan Named to White House Transition Project

Dr. Chris J. Dolan, professor of political science, was named to serve on the White House Transition Project, a non-partisan organization of American scholars that provides expertise and advice to ensure a stable and smooth transition of presidential power for presidents-elect and new presidential administrations. When the next transitions of power occur in 2020 and 2024 they will work with other scholars on foreign policy and national security issues. 

Dr. McEvoy’s Book Review in History, Art, Image

Dr. Gabriela McEvoy chair of languages and professor of Spanish, reviewed Harry Dunleavy’s Irish Immigration to Latin America for the IMSLA’s special issue, “History, Art, Image,” Irish Migration Studies in Latin America (9:3, 2020).