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PT Faculty and Alumni Publish Research on U.S. Olympic Field Hockey Team

Dr. Michael E. Lehr, clinical associate professor of physical therapy, Dr. Stan Dacko, associate professor of physical therapy, and a professional colleague published “Movement patterns and neuromusculoskeletal impairments observed in a female Olympic Field Hockey team: An observational cohort study,” in the Journal of Bodywork & Movement Therapies. Four LVC alumni—Dr. Tori Stramara ’15, D’17, Dr. Craig Miller ’15, D’17, Dr. Ines Antensteiner ’15, D’17, and Dr. Sara Wannlund ’14, D’17.

Drs. Oriel and Price Published with Alumni in International Journal

Dr. Katie Oriel, professor of physical therapy, and Dr. Jennifer Price, director of physical therapy clinical education, published “The Impact of an Adapted Climbing Program on Children with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder,” in the International Journal of Physical Education, Fitness and Sports. Dr. Erin Angelini ’17, D’19, Dr. Greta Myers ’17, D’19, Dr. Kyle Cook ’17, D’19, and Dr. Ross Drawbaugh ’17, D’19 were co-authors.

Dr. Oriel Presents at National Conference with Alumni

Dr. Katie Oriel, professor of physical therapy, presented “Promoting Exercise in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) from Preschool Through Adolescence: Benefits, Barriers, and Practical Strategies for Success,” at the Academy of Pediatric Physical Therapy annual conference with Dr. Tanner Reed ’17, D’19, Dr. Rachel Saufley ’17, D’19, Dr. Erin Wetzel ’16, D’19, and Dr. Courtney Wilt ’17, D’19. 

Dr. Manza Presents at Boston Conference with Students and Alumni

Dr. Lou Manza, chair and professor of psychology, presented two sessions with students and alumni at the Eastern Psychological Association Conference in Boston, Mass. In the first, he presented with Ashley Doty ’21, Shelby Anderson ’22, Gina Ebersole ’20, and Sydney Petrasic ’22. In the second, Dr. Manza presented with Rebecca McIlhenny ’20, Molly Gavin ’20, Misty Snyder ’20, Bailey Harper ’22, and Mallory Anderson ’23.

Dr. Mierzwicki Publishes with Five Alumni

Dr. Justin Mierzwicki, clinical assistant professor of physical therapy, published “Comparison of High-Intensity Resistance and Power Training Programs in Pre-Frail and Frail Older Adults” in Physical and Occupational Therapy in Geriatrics. Dr. Madelyn Fox ’18, D’20, Dr. Kevin Griffith ’18, D’20, Dr. Kelsey Harrison ’18, D’20, Dr. Daryl Holstay Jr. ’18, D’20, and Dr. Nikki Singley ’18 were co-authors.

Dr. Lappas Publishes Two Papers and Presents at Annual Meeting

Dr. Courtney Lappas, professor of biology, published “Utilizing loop-mediated isothermal amplification to detect the presence of Escherichia coli: an inquiry driven undergraduate modules,” in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Education with Brandon Roy ’20 and former LVC professor Eric Ryndock. The trio presented the same topic at the Association of College and University Biology Educators 64th Annual Meeting. Dr. Lappas also co-authored “Naturally better? A review of the natural-is-better bias,” in Social and Personality Psychology Compass.

Dr. Carey Co-Authors Paper with Alums

Dr. Rob Carey, associate professor of biology and director of biochemistry & molecular biology, co-authored “Expansin gene loss is a common occurrent during adaptation to an aquatic environment” in The Plant Journal. His co-authors included LVC alumni Alexa Bowman ’19 and Dr. Nathan Hepler ’13. 

Actuarial Science Students and Alums Pass National Exams

The following actuarial science students and alumni recently passed these national exams:

Exam STAM—David Campbell ’20, Jonathan Issing ’21, Corey Knoll ’21, E.J. Kolonsky ’21, Xiang Li ’20, Blake Martin ’20, and Ryan Prator ’21

Exam SRM—Xiang Li ’20 

Exam FM—Luke Burrows ’22, Caleb Cekella ’22, Daryn Ebersole ’22, Amber Friday ’21, Emily Horne ’22, Cameron Niemeyer ’22, Jaylen Reichner ’22, Carter Schmidt ’22, Tyler Shatto ’22, Cayla Sydow ’22, and Joshua Weaver ’22 

Exam IFM—David Campbell ’20, Jonathan Issing ’21, Corey Knoll ’21, E.J. Kolonsky ’21, Allison Liu ’21, Hima Patel ’21, Ryan Prator ’21, and Alex Watkins ’20

Exam P—Amber Friday ’21

Brandon Roy ’20 Published in Biosensors

Brandon Roy ’20, biochemistry & molecular biology, was published in Biosensors, a peer-reviewed journal, for work done as an LVC undergraduate. Roy was part of Dr. Michelle Rasmussen’s research group, which also included Julia Rutherford ’18, Anna Weaver ’21, and Kevin Beaver ’19. 

Collin Barker ’19 Presents at Young Researcher’s Glass Conference

Collin Barker ’19, physics, presented “Laser-induced crystallization and reduction of copper-doped lithium nioboscilicate glass” at the virtual Young Researcher’s Glass Conference on July 27. Barker, a Ph.D. student in the Lehigh University Physics Department, conducted student-faculty research in the topic with Dr. Keith Veenhuizen, assistant professor of physics, director of cooperative engineering programs.