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Dr. Dietrich Conducts District 7 Orchestra

Dr. Johannes Dietrich, Newton and Adelaide Burgner Endowed Professor of Music and director of the LVC Symphony Orchestra, recently conducted the PMEA District 7 Orchestra. More than 100 high school students from southcentral Pennsylvania participated in the festival which was hosted by Eastern York High School and Amanda Fortney ’02, M’14, orchestra director. The program included the Pennsylvania premiere of Stella Sung’s “The Phoenix Rising” and Steven Amundson’s “Longing for Your Return.”  

Dr. Orlando ’19, D’21 Published on NAPA

Dr. Catherine “Kate” Orlando ’19, D’21 (exercise science and physical therapy) recently published “Play Therapy: Purposeful Fun for Your Child,” on the NAPA Center website. Dr. Orlando, a physical therapist who joined the NAPA Center in Los Angeles, Calif., after her sixth-year clinical in spring 2021, works with her colleagues to serve children with neurological and developmental needs.

Four Alumni Admitted to Pennsylvania Bar

Cassidy Decosmo, Esq., ’18, Caitlyn Dryden, Esq., ’18, Adam Filbert, Esq., ’18, and Andrew Luch, Esq., ’18 were admitted to the Pennsylvania Bar the Pennsylvania Board of Law Examiners announced on Oct. 15. Decosmo, Dryden, and Luch graduated from LVC with degrees in political science, and Filbert earned his undergraduate degree in digital communications.

Dr. Kitchen Publishes Student-Faculty Research with Gettysburg Colleagues

Experimental Psychology published the research of Dr. Michael Kitchens, professor of psychology. “Be Responsible? Priming “Responsibility” and the Bystander Effect in a Field Setting” in Experimental Psychology was conducted by Dr. Kitchens, Kristie E. Houck ’22, Sydney E. Petrasic ’22, Ethan H. Schultz ’21, Sierra S. Sheriff ’21, John O. Underwood ’21, Daymond N. Zweizig ’21, and colleagues and students from Gettysburg College.

Khalil Brim ’21 Publishes The Flower of the Valencia; Will hold a book signing at LVC in October

Khalil Brim ’21, writing under the pen name Khalil A, recently published The Flower of the Valencia, which is available on Amazon. The publisher notes, “This action-packed novel, at every turn of the page, beautifully explores trust and betrayal, friends and foes, life and death, and the overwhelming desire to know your heart when you barely know who you are to begin with.” Khalil will return to LVC in October, date and time to be determined, to speak, sign his novel, and participate in a Q&A with students and faculty.

13 Alumni Earn J.D.s during COVID; Another to Graduate in December

Thirteen alumni successfully completed law school to earn their Juris Doctorates during the past two spring semesters, and a 14th is on track to graduate in December. They are:

2020—Waleisha Moat ’15 (Widener University Commonwealth Law School); Kaleigh Hoover Ryder ’17 (Widener University Commonwealth Law School); Paul Markovits ’17 (Widener University Delaware Law School); Samuel E. “Trey” Manning III ’17 (Pennsylvania State University Dickinson School of Law); Giovanna “Gio” Ortiz Brackbill ’16 (Pennsylvania State University Dickinson School of Law); and Anastasia “Anna” Maxwell ’17 (Drexel University Thomas R. Kline School of Law).

2021—Caitlin Dryden ’18 (Drexel University Thomas R. Kline School of Law); Adam Filbert ’18 (Drexel University Thomas R. Kline School of Law); Ryan Kingshill ’17 (Pennsylvania State University Dickinson School of Law); Andrew Luch ’18 (Widener University Commonwealth Law School); Cooper Gerus ’17 (University of Baltimore School of Law); Deanna Berish ’12 (Santa Clara University School of Law); Cassidy Decosmo ’18 (Duquesne University School of Law); and William J. Rice ’06 (December, Georgetown University Law Center).

Exercise Science to present at the American Society of Biomechanics 2021 Annual Meeting.

Benjamin Hinkley ’21, Aaron Tranquillo ’19, D’21, Veronica Venezia ’21, Niclas Sharp ’21, and Dr. Robert Creath will present Simulating Hip Stiffness in Healthy Adults during Quiet Standing by Use of a Hip and Knee Brace: Preliminary Results, at the American Society of Biomechanics Annual Meeting in August 2021. Dr. Creath is an associate professor of exercise science, director of the Lewis Human Performance Lab, and a member of the American Society of Biomechanics. 

PT Faculty and Alumni Publish Research on U.S. Olympic Field Hockey Team

Dr. Michael E. Lehr, clinical associate professor of physical therapy, Dr. Stan Dacko, associate professor of physical therapy, and a professional colleague published “Movement patterns and neuromusculoskeletal impairments observed in a female Olympic Field Hockey team: An observational cohort study,” in the Journal of Bodywork & Movement Therapies. Four LVC alumni—Dr. Tori Stramara ’15, D’17, Dr. Craig Miller ’15, D’17, Dr. Ines Antensteiner ’15, D’17, and Dr. Sara Wannlund ’14, D’17.

Drs. Oriel and Price Published with Alumni in International Journal

Dr. Katie Oriel, professor of physical therapy, and Dr. Jennifer Price, director of physical therapy clinical education, published “The Impact of an Adapted Climbing Program on Children with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder,” in the International Journal of Physical Education, Fitness and Sports. Dr. Erin Angelini ’17, D’19, Dr. Greta Myers ’17, D’19, Dr. Kyle Cook ’17, D’19, and Dr. Ross Drawbaugh ’17, D’19 were co-authors.

Dr. Oriel Presents at National Conference with Alumni

Dr. Katie Oriel, professor of physical therapy, presented “Promoting Exercise in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) from Preschool Through Adolescence: Benefits, Barriers, and Practical Strategies for Success,” at the Academy of Pediatric Physical Therapy annual conference with Dr. Tanner Reed ’17, D’19, Dr. Rachel Saufley ’17, D’19, Dr. Erin Wetzel ’16, D’19, and Dr. Courtney Wilt ’17, D’19.