Dr. Pitonyak Publishes NSF-funded Research with Miller ’21, Malda ’22, and Colleagues

Dr. Daniel Pitonyak, assistant professor of physics, Josh Miller ’21 (physics and mathematics), Michael Malda ’22 (physics and analytical finance), and physicists from Penn State Berks and Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility published “Updated QCD global analysis of single transverse-spin asymmetries: Extracting H~, and the role of the Soffer bound and lattice QCD”.  The article appeared in the peer-reviewed journal Physical Review D, a leading journal in elementary particle physics research. The authors analyzed additional theoretical and experimental constraints on phenomena in high-energy collisions called single transverse-spin asymmetries and showed their consistency with the underlying mechanism of quark-gluon-quark correlations.  The research was funded by Dr. Pitonyak’s National Science Foundation grant.