Professor Barraclough’s Article Published

Michelle Barraclough, adjunct instructor of music (flute), published “Welcome to the Big Pond: Some Advice for First-Year College Students” in the international online flute magazine The Babel Flute. The magazine reaches readers in 143 countries and can be translated into 76 languages. 

Dr. Josephson Publishes Articles at AIER

Dr. Kimberlee Josephson, associate professor of business administration, has had several pieces published by the American Institute for Economic Research including: “Why Political Interference in Big Tech Continues to be a Big Mistake,” “The Rise of ESG, Replacing Strategy with Standards,” “Why Workplace Skills Rather Than Leadership Strategies Should be Prioritized,” and “Work Won’t Love you Back.”

Dr. Yüce Featured Speaker at International Peace Conference

Dr. Can Bahadır Yüce, assistant professor of history, was a featured speaker for the 2022 International Peace Symposium on Sept. 17. Dr. Yüce’s talk highlighted “Turkey and the rise of authoritarian regimes.”

Dr. Gramm Co-authors Textbook Chapter

Dr. Warren Gramm, director of music education and assistant professor of music, co-authored a chapter for “General Music: Dimensions of Practice,” which was edited by Carlos Abril and Brent Gaul. Dr. Gramm and his co-author, Dr. Gareth Dylan Smith, assistant professor of music and music education at Boston University, wrote the textbook’s fifth chapter, “Pedagogical Approaches in Modern Band,” which focuses on expanding access and inclusivity through student-centered pedagogies in the music classroom.  

Dr. Dolan Co-authors Madrid Op-ed

Dr. Chris J. Dolan, professor of political science, published “NATO After Madrid: A Strategic Concept or Strategic Ambiguity,?” in Tempos Novos on September 3. The piece, co-authored by Dr. Jared Larson, explores the consequences of NATO’s Strategic Concept that was developed at the Madrid Summit in June.

Dr. Pitonyak’s Research Leads to Open-Access Article and Animation for High School Students

During the past few months, Dr. Daniel Pitonyak, assistant professor of physics, worked with Futurum Careers to create an open-access article and animation regarding his nuclear physics research.  The project was made possible by funding from Dr. Pitonyak’s National Science Foundation (NSF) grant.  Futurum is a free online resource and magazine aimed at encouraging 14–19 year-olds worldwide to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and medicine (STEM), and social sciences, humanities, and the arts for people and the economy (SHAPE).

Dr. Lappas and Nicholas Coyne ’22 Publish in European Journal of Health Psychology

Dr. Courtney Lappas, professor of biology, and Nicholas Coyne ’22 (biology) published “Do Physicians Prefer Natural Drugs? The Natural Versus Synthetic Drug Bias in Physicians” in the European Journal of Health Psychology with two professional colleagues. The study demonstrates that physicians and non-physicians exhibit a bias for natural versus synthetic drugs, with physicians also demonstrating a bias for prescribing natural drugs. However, this bias is reduced in physicians compared to non-physicians when a “no preference” option is available, suggesting that advanced medical and/or scientific training may be beneficial in minimizing this naturalness bias.

Dr. Strohman to Present in Paris

Dr. Greg Strohman ’08, adjunct professor of music (low brass), was invited to speak at an analytical musicology conference in Paris, France, in November. He will present his research on the psychoacoustics of harmony, on which he wrote several papers using his combined physics and music degrees from LVC. The conference is organized by the Musicology Research Institute at Sorbonne University, Sciences and Technologies of Music and Sound, and French Society for Musical Analysis.

European Journal Publishes Dr. Dolan’s Peer-reviewed Article

Dr. Chris J. Dolan’s peer-reviewed article, “Hybrid Warfare in the Western Balkans: Structural Vulnerability, Maligned Powers, and Hostile Influence,” was published in Volume 17, Issue 1 of South East Europe Review, pp. 3-25. Dr. Dolan, director of the Master of Science Program in Intelligence and Security Studies and professor of political science, “analyzes the domestic political, economic, and social conditions in the Western Balkans that provides a fertile ground for hostile and maligned actors to manipulate and exploit governments and societies with hybrid war measures…” in his study.

Pilot Study by Miller, Marx, Portzer, and Student Researchers Featured in Story

With research support from LVC undergraduate and graduate students, Dr. Tonya Miller, adjunct instructor in business administration and master of business administration; Dr. Jenna Marx, assistant professor of psychology; Dr. Lori Portzer, assistant professor of exercise science, recently published the “Exploratory study of physical activity programming for women experiencing homelessness.” The researchers found that participants of a four-week physical activity program reported a significant decrease in the number of mentally unhealthy days they experienced. Their work was highlighted in “Research Shows Exercise Can Improve the Lives of Women Experiencing Homelessness.”