#2 Educational Excellence

Lebanon Valley College provides transformative learning experiences that are immersive, collaborative, integrative, inclusive, and globally oriented.



1) Reimagine the Common Learning Experience

The Common Learning Experience is the core of a transformative learning experience at Lebanon Valley College. Through a variety of interdisciplinary courses and as a result of exposure to innovative teaching practices, students learn skills and disciplines that prepare them for life and work in the 21st century.

Implement a distinctive General Education Program—Constellation LVC

Focus on an intensive first-year experience

Hire new interdisciplinary faculty position in Africana studies & FYE

Develop formative courses by discipline

Design connective courses

Expand immersive experience courses for all students


Developed, proposed, and approved formative courses for the First-Year Experience (FYE). Piloted and assessed the program.

Clarified immersive experiences in Constellation LVC. Instituted tracking systems.


Implemented FYE requirements, including common reading assignment and formative courses. Launched learning communities in which all first-year students lived together in halls associated with first-year seminars.

Implemented Constellation LVC Immersive Experience, Integrative, and Connective Course requirements.

2) Facilitate Innovative Curricular and Co-Curricular Learning

Highlight and increase intercultural competence development in curricular and co-curricular programs

Reconfigure curriculum and develop new programs to meet graduate study and career goals

Implement computer & data science major

Introduce and implement analytical finance major

Introduce and implement communication sciences & disorders major

Introduce and implement speech-language pathology master’s program

Introduce and implement three-year accounting major + fourth year MBA program

Introduce and implement international business major

Introduce and implement course content that enhances learning in Inclusive Excellence

Enhance or initiate new co-curricular programs to meet learning goals

Redefine residential life as a space for learning

Increase leadership learning and skills development in co-curriculum

Integrate service and service-learning into co-curriculum

Develop and elevate a comprehensive athletics program

Assess and address inequities in education outcomes where and when they arise


Engaged Online Program Management partner to develop, launch, and market online programs.

Launched fully online MBA, and hybrid online Master’s in Music Education, Master’s in STEM Education, Integrative Certificate in STEM Education, and Modern Band Certificate programs.