#1 World-Ready

Lebanon Valley College graduates have the learning experiences, skills, knowledge, and competencies needed to compete, collaborate, and contribute in a local and a global environment.


1) Build a World-Ready Success Model

Adoption of a world-ready success model is a commitment to globalize the student experience at Lebanon Valley College. By providing an immersive experience in global engagement, students will be able to connect local, national, and global dimensions of learning inside and outside the classroom.

Recruit International Students

Globalize curriculum and co-curriculum

Appoint Globalization Task Force

Audit current globalization practices

Develop Globalization Plan

Implement Globalization Plan



Hired assistant director of international admissions to increase international student recruitment. LVC participated in its first recruitment trip to India, with visits to Education USA in New Delhi, Hyderabad, and Mumbai, as well as high school visits in Hyderabad and New Delhi.

Global Learning Task Force defined its purpose, articulated objectives, and completed a campus audit to determine where and how the institution provides for global learning (infrastructure support, curricular offerings, co-curricular offerings, unique pedagogies, and immersive experiences).

May 2016 Task Force Report articulated the outcomes of the study and provided recommendations for enhancing global learning for students.

Began international student recruitment efforts at domestic boarding schools, community colleges, and ESL programs.

2) Launch Initiative for Graduate Success

The Initiative for Graduate Success is an innovative model for career development that provides students with a sequence of actions and a pathway for career discernment beginning with the first-year experience and continuing beyond graduation.

Implement pathway model for Career Development Program

Appoint taskforce to plan program

Present recommendations

Develop and launch

Integrate alumni and parent network with Career Pathways Program

Expand E-portfolio program for all students

  • Formed task force to evaluate career development program and identify best and emerging practices.
  • Task force developed proposal for donor support.
  • Key improvements made to existing program, including purchasing a new software system (Handshake), piloting CityLink (short-term emersion/urban experience), and integrating career planning into the First-Year Experience (FYE) course.
  • Implemented Handshake and other programmatic initiatives.
  • Secured $1.5 million donor funding to establish program as the Edward & Lynn Breen Center for Graduate Success.
  • Hired Executive Director of the Breen Center
  • Met with most first-year students regarding résumé writing (91%)
  • Elevator pitch, networking, and career preparation incorporated into FYE Companion coursework