Strategic Focus Areas

Lebanon Valley College graduates have the learning, experiences, skills, knowledge, and competencies needed to compete, collaborate, and contribute in a local and global environment.

Build a world-ready success model

Launch initiative for graduate success

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Lebanon Valley College provides transformative learning experiences that are immersive, collaborative, integrative, inclusive, and globally oriented.

Reimagine the common learning experience

Enhance educational quality

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Lebanon Valley College faculty, staff, and students strive for excellence, support innovation, embrace inclusiveness, and commit to service. The culture is recognized for its commitment to personal and professional development and its deep sense of ownership and accountability for the College’s success.

Develop programs to promote inclusive excellence

Develop and support high-performing individuals and teams

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Lebanon Valley College delivers a transformative educational experience built on the liberal arts and of benefit to all its students through enhancing and diversifying its resources.

Attract and graduate motivated, engaged students

Build a robust and innovative culture of philanthropy

Develop diverse revenue streams

Develop and implement an enterprise risk management program

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