Welcome to Envision 2020

Dear Friends,

In 2014, we began a collaborative strategic planning process that called on the voices, ideas, and aspirations of all members of the Lebanon Valley College community. Faculty, staff, students, trustees, alumni, and parents contributed to the shape of this plan and the ideas contained in it.

As LVC enters a transformational period in our history at a time of enormous change in higher education, our values and vision will provide discipline and direction. I know I can count on your support as we execute the plan and benefit from its many possibilities.


Dr. Lewis E. Thayne
President, Lebanon Valley College
July 2015

Envision 2020 includes four strategic focus areas:

Strategic Focus Area 1: Graduating World-Ready Students

Lebanon Valley College graduates have the learning, experiences, skills, knowledge, and competencies needed to compete, collaborate, and contribute in a local and global environment.

Strategic Focus Area 2: Delivering Educational Excellence and Engaged Learning

Lebanon Valley College provides transformative learning experiences that are immersive, collaborative, integrative, inclusive, and globally oriented.

Strategic Focus Area 3: Developing Inclusive Excellence and High Performance

Lebanon Valley College faculty, staff, and students strive for excellence, support innovation, embrace inclusiveness, and commit to service. The culture is recognized for its commitment to personal and professional development and its deep sense of ownership and accountability for the College’s success.

Strategic Focus Area 4: Achieving Sustainability

Lebanon Valley College delivers a transformative educational experience built on the liberal arts and of benefit to all its students through enhancing and diversifying its resources.


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