Civic Engagement

Associate Professor of History Michael Schroeder has become a member of the Steering Committee of a newly-formed non-profit, as-yet unincorporated citizens association called Protect Our Pennsylvania (POP), dedicated to protecting the constitutional rights of all Pennsylvanians, focusing on the abuse of eminent domain laws by private corporations.

On the morning of Tuesday, October 18, during Fall Break, Schroeder and POP Steering Committee organized a rally in the Capitol Rotunda in Harrisburg, in collaboration with Senator Mike Folmer, who is poised to co-sponsor legislation next year to limit the use of eminent domain in Pennsylvania exclusively to cases of genuine “public use”.


Schroeder, who spoke at the rally, was quoted in a story by LVC graduate Marie Cusick of National Public Radio’s “State Impact” series ( ), and in the Lebanon Daily News


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