Vale Distributes Commissioned Musical Piece



Sesquicentennial Celebration: For the 150th Anniversary of Lebanon Valley College is a commissioned musical piece composed by Dr. Justin J. Morrell, assistant professor of music at Lebanon Valley College. It was debuted during the Founders Day celebration on February 23, 2016, and is available for download through VALE Music Group.

The piece features musicians Dr. Christopher J. Heffner, Trumpet; Suzanne D. Fox ’77, Horn; Greg Strohman ’08, Trombone; Christopher B. Plasencia ’16, Vibraphone; Ricardo Perez-Lopez ’19, Guitar; Cody R. Esposito ’16, Guitar; Anthony W. Pieruccini ’19, Guitar; Sam Yoder ’15, Guitar; Dr. Justin J. Morell, Guitar; Timothy W. Wolfe ’07, Bass