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Laboratories and Research

Teaching labs, research labs, stockrooms, and instrument labs will be adjusted to promote physical distancing when labs are in use. The maximum capacity for each space will be marked at the lab entrance. The College will adopt the following strategies regarding these spaces:

  • Students will receive initial guidance (either by written or video instruction), before entering these spaces. Training will include general considerations for the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) before entering the space and best practices for working there.
  • Only approved students who receive proper training and permission will be permitted in these spaces.
  • In a research laboratory, students will be assigned a primary workspace where they should conduct as much of their work as possible.
  • After receiving guidance and permission to work in these spaces, students who wish to enter a research lab space will first notify their research mentor or department chair.
  • Lab equipment, moveable benches, and chairs will be configured to support physical distancing.
  • If labs support multiple students, schedules will be established to minimize the number of people present in the lab at one time. Students are prohibited from using the labs outside their scheduled times and from exceeding the posted room occupancy.
  • Students must always wear appropriate PPE in labs.
  • Each person using lab instruments, supplies, reagent bottles, or any other lab equipment is required to wipe down those items with a sanitizing cleaner before and after use.
  • Students will be educated to avoid cross-contamination and will wipe down all common surfaces such as door handles, bench surfaces, and hood sashes.
  • If students are using multiple spaces during one lab session (i.e. research lab and instrument room or stockroom), they must notify their research mentor and department chair to avoid conflicts with other users.
  • Teaching labs, research labs, stockrooms, and instrument labs will remain locked when not in use.

In the event of a chemical spill or other emergency, students must leave the lab immediately and notify their research mentor or department chair.