“Together We Did It” short film event

Gabbie Witter, ‘20 staff writer
The Allen Theatre is calling all videographers to share a short film for its “Together We Did It” event.
The theatre is collecting 3-5 minute film submissions that it plans to show as a collection to the public once it is safe to do so.
“We want to show a collection of short films, created by you, that chronicles the struggles, the togetherness, and the triumph over Covid-19,” Ed Felty, owner of The Allen Theatre and The Backstage Café, said.
Submissions are open to anyone with a story to share, but the theatre does not have a date for the event yet.
“Once we can have the theatre full with people and no fears, then we will hold the event,” Felty said.
The film submissions can be a movie, slideshow or combination of both and must have the title “Together, We Did It!”
The event is not a competition, but a celebration. There is no cost to submit work and the event will be free to the public.
Interested individuals can find more information on the Allen Theatre website at https://www.allentheatre.com/together-we-did-it and can also email Felty at edfelty@comcast.net with any questions.