Senior Spotlight: Digital Communications major looks to start career at Deloitte

By Michaela May ’20, Assistant Editor 

The department of Design, Media and Technology consists of students with a broad variety of interests and potential career paths ranging from graphic design to e-commerce to programming and much more.  

Tyler Suessmuth ’20, who concentrates in design within the digital communications (DigiCOM) major, accepted a job offer as a Solutions Analyst with Deloitte, one of the largest professional services organizations in the nation, nearly a whole semester before graduating.  

“I really gained recognition for the company during Capstone when our project groups worked with various representatives of the company,” he said. “Post job fair session, I took the chance and applied. I completed the first video interview, and they invited me back for a second-round interview, during which I got a tour of the company and their values and met a panel of recent graduate hires.” 

Deloitte has hired multiple students from the digital communications major over the last several years. Suessmuth’s specific role in the company will entail work with user interface and user experience design for websites as well as other projects that work with graphic design, branding and other similar aspects.  

He credits LVC and the Design, Media and Technology department for leading him down the right path. He had originally been interested in attending a larger school but was drawn to LVC for its location, smaller size and ability to be independent but still close to home. 

“I think what drew me to DigiCOM, in general, was how it combined art and technology, two of my favorite things,” he said. “While I’m not the most artistic person or the best at computer science, the program combined both at the right caliber for me to enjoy it. Additionally, all the professors are really knowledgeable and experienced at what they do, which made me feel like I was in the right hands.” 

The most valuable lesson Suessmuth has learned over his four years at LVC is how important commitment is with projects as well as the hard work that goes into them. 

“The field of digital communications is very broad and thus very competitive, and any of our professors can attest to that,” he said. “Commitment takes many shapes in DigiCOM because all of our projects are so different. From ensuring correct color usage, to usability testing, to finding some way to add something special to each project, commitment can take your project from mediocre to truly outstanding.” 

Suessmuth is set to begin his role at Deloitte over the summer.