Pets in College

Editorial Draft
By: Cole Hepler ’20

Students should be allowed to have their pets on campus.

I believe students should be allowed to have pets on campus because of the value that a pet brings to everyday life. Being a dog owner, I am happier to come home to my dog compared to an empty house. The joy that having a pet on campus relieves my stressful athletic and educational schedule is incomparable.

Students are often stressed because of their busy schedule regarding exams and assignments where pets can relieve that stress with their unconditional love and happiness. Pets are also good examples of time away from schoolwork that is necessary for mental health. Portioning a student’s time properly and knowing when to take time away from the books is key and a pet can provide that attention away from academics.

Homesick students can be found on every college campus and a pet could reduce this statistic. Pets are perfect examples of a home aspect that can improve their self-esteem and mindset when times are difficult. Homesickness can prevent students from enjoying the experiences available in college by traveling home every weekend. A pet can reduce homesickness through their comforting personalities and everlasting happiness. A student’s pet can bring the comfort of home to college where the environment is different. A student is typically experiencing new people, new classrooms and sometimes in a new state where a pet can bring some stability to their altered lifestyle.

Understanding responsibility in college through educational assignments and due dates are key in the transition to living on your own. I think that pets can also contribute to teaching the responsibility that is required to taking care of something other than themselves. Properly feeding the animal in addition to making sure they are exercised can teach responsibility outside of the classroom.

Earning a degree is a difficult and sometimes a lonely task when you’re away from home but having your pet alongside this journey can enhance your experience.