Area favorite-new name, new specials

By Keegan Corwell ’21 Staff Writer

A weekly tradition for many LVC students has come to an end as the Annville Grille is under new ownership this semester; for the past decade the Annville Grille was packed wall-to-wall on Thursday nights with college students fixing their cravings for all-you-can-eat-wings.

“I was pretty mad when I found out they took the special away,” Dylan Baxter, a junior business major, said. “My teammates and I loved going to the Grille after practice. It was a great time and we really bonded over seeing who could eat the most wings.”

However, according to Ted’s, the establishment is offering much more to the students of LVC and the community of Annville. A few examples: a ten percent discount offered to students at LVC, a completely revamped LVC inspired dining section, broadcasting of LVC sports on a new high definition television and Dutchmen Flex spending options.

“We had to reign in a couple things in order to be able to expand and take care of our customers the way we feel needed,” Carmen Lawrence, events manager and marketing director of Ted’s of Annville, said. “We had to reign things in so we could expand because if we kept seven days a week specials our people would never get trained or experienced to better help you.”

Although LVC students may miss trying to eat as many wings as humanly possible, Ted’s of Annville has created tantalizing specials that are sure to fill one up.
“We kept Tuesday night wing special which was Annville’s and that is 59-cent boneless wings along with three-dollar Blue Moon draft,” Lawrence said. The restaurant also offers fifty-nine cent wings from 11 a.m.- 4p.m., Monday through Thursday.

Ted’s of Annville will also continue to offer karaoke nights, weekly specials and partner with LVC student groups and sports teams to provide a fun, safe place for LVC students and the community to relax and enjoy themselves. Although some traditions may come to an end, new ones are just around the corner.